[Gwerthiant Wythnosol Meddalwedd a Chaledwedd]”Splatoon 3″ tops sales for 2 consecutive weeks with 500,000 sales! “Dragon Quest X Offline” sells 220,000 units in total for 3 models[9/12-9/18]| Famitsu.com for the latest gaming and entertainment information

Sales ranking published by Famitsu. This time, we will present a summary of the estimated weekly sales of game software and hardware between September 12th and September 18th, 2022.

platoon 3continued to sell well, selling 506,610 copies and holding the top spot for two consecutive weeks. It was also announced that regular updates, such as the addition of new weapons, will be made, so it is expected that sales will continue to grow in the future.

Switch “Splatoon 3” (Amazon.co.jp)

2nd, 3rd and 4th and then “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline』Nintendo Switch version, PlayStation 4 version, PlayStation 5 version side by side. Total sales of the three versions have reached 220,307.

Change “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline” (Amazon.co.jp)

PS4 “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline” (Amazon.co.jp)

PS5 “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline” (Amazon.co.jp)

Also, in 7th place, an all-new action RPG “Saito Shinki Trigger of the Trinity” also made progress, and four of the top 10 titles were debuts.

Switch “Seito Shinki Trinity Trigger” (Amazon.co.jp)

Top 10 estimated software sales

1st place (previous 1st place) Switch Splatoon 3
506,610 bottles(Total 2,441,290 copies) / Nintendo / September 9, 2022

2nd place (first appearance) Switch Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline
143,836 bottles(Total 143,836) / Square Enix / September 15, 2022

3rd place (first appearance) PS4 Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline
48100 bottles(cumulative total of 48,100) / Square Enix / September 15, 2022

4th place (first appearance) PS5 Dragon Quest X Awaken Five Races Offline
28371 bottles(28371 total) / Square Enix / September 15, 2022

5th place (2nd place last time) Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
9661 bottles(Total 4,837,415 copies) / Nintendo / April 28, 2017

6 (previously 4) Switch Nintendo Switch Sports
7463 bottles(Total 732,175 copies) / Nintendo / April 29, 2022

7th place (first appearance) Switch Seito Shinki Trinity Trigger
6698 bottles(Total 6698 bottles) / Flu / September 15, 2022

8-bit (previously 3-bit) Switch Minecraft
6629 pieces(cumulative total of 2,792,678) / Microsoft Japan / June 21, 2018

9th place (7th place last time) Change Hoshi no Kirby Discovery
5027 bottles(888,934 cumulative copies) / Nintendo / March 25, 2022

10th place (8th place last time) Switch Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL
4720 bottles(4,976,532 cumulative copies) / Nintendo / December 7, 2018

*The numbers below the 11th place are “Game sales site page” will be released after September 23, 2022.
* Estimated number of sales at this site is the total of package software, download cards, and pre-installed versions of the main unit.

Estimated hardware sales

  • Switch/25,683 units (18,692,443 units in total)
  • Switch Lite / 4,986 units (total 4,891,228 units)
  • Nintendo Switch (Organic EL model) / 96,889 units (total 2,622,850 units)
  • PS5/8739 units (1,658,430 cumulative units)
  • PS5 Digital Edition / 2441 units (cumulative total of 267,251 units)
  • Xbox Series X/866 units (159,791 cumulative units)
  • Xbox Series S/13,211 units (cumulative 178,457 units)
  • PS4/12 units (accumulated 7,819,872 units)
  • New Nintendo 2DS units LL/29 (total 1,188,709 units)

* Along with game software and hardware, the aggregation period is between September 12 and September 18, 2022.

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