[GWYLIO!Shoma Uno ]Finally one person on the loop, one bow to the audience Focus on free – Figure: Nikkan Sports Premium


Bydd pencampwriaethau sglefrio ffigwr y byd yn cael eu cynnal yn y Saitama Super Arena ar y 25ain yn sgrialu rhydd y dynion.

Gwnaeth Shoma Uno[25 = Toyota Motor Corporation]is at the top of the short program (SP) and is the first Japanese men to win the second consecutive victory, the final adjustment in the official practice from 11:15 am on the same day. At the end, I was alone and carefully checking the condition for the actual performance.

In the competition so far, all jumps from Uno are reported on Twitter “Figure 365 (Figure 365)” responsible for Sports Figure Nikkan. Thanks to the favorable reception, the 6th installment of “WATCH! Shoma Uno” Nikkan Sports Premium, which has been upgraded for this tournament, will introduce the final modification before the free.

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World Championships: 25 March Official Practice Free Practice Day〉

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March 25 Uno preparing for practice on FS day

March 25 Uno preparing for practice on FS day

Talk to Dennis and confirm the jump

(Types of jumps are A = Axel, Lz = Lutz, F = Flip, Lo = Loop, S = Salchow, T = Toe Loop, Eu = Euler. The number is the number of rotations. *The number of rotations may differ from actual number due to visual observation. Please understand.)

Final group. The top six SP players from two days ago had appeared at the venue in order.

11:14 am. Uno, dressed in a free outfit, also went up the stairs leading to the venue and was bathed in bright light all over his body.

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I belonged to the rugby club until university. He joined Nikkan Sports Osaka Headquarters in October 2013.
He was in charge of Hanshin professional baseball for two seasons, and since November 2015 he has been in charge of the Olympic and rugby games in western Japan.
Covers the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (figure skating and short track), the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics (marathons and other events held in Sapporo).
In November 2009, he moved to the Tokyo head office and was responsible for figure skating, rugby, and table tennis. Covered and short track figure skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
He is 185cm tall and weighs in the late 90kg range, the same as when he was in college. His body shape has changed dramatically, but it doesn’t measure body fat percentage.