GXT Trust 619 Thorne Soundbar

It wasn’t until recently that I reviewed the Trust’s Titan speaker set, but now that it’s in the book, I’m turning my attention to another offering from the hardware manufacturer. Having said that, it is Thorne’s GXT 619 soundbar, a device designed to sit on a desk without taking up too much space, while being a powerful and loud sound system.

But does it really do this? Simply put, yes. The Thorne soundbar is not a top-of-the-range device, and it won’t do anything to blow your mind, but when it comes to the bare minimum it needs to be powerful, reliable, easy to use. -use, a good-looking soundbar, here it is Not much to complain about at all.

Installation is as simple as taking it out of the box and connecting it to your PC via a USB and 3.5mm audio jack cable. Once this is done, there is nothing else to do but choose the correct audio output on your system. There is no additional software to adjust sound profiles or an RGB kit, which is a little disappointing on the one hand, as more options are always useful, but on the other hand, there is an aesthetic to the true plug-and- play.

The physical size is also an advantage, as 400mm wide and 75mm deep means it won’t take up any space on your desk, and the lack of cables also lends itself to a neat design. For those looking for a more interesting but affordable audio solution, this is indeed a friendly option – as it costs around £30.

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But what about the actual audio and sound profiles? Well, firstly, the Thorne has no issues with volume, as the device is literally meant to be placed a few feet in front of you, as this is a PC soundbar that kicks out loud stereo sound without obstruction . Sometimes it struggles with the clarity of music when the volume is turned up, and sometimes the sound is a little washed out as a result. But overall, Thorne is a cut above for film and television where dialogue is usually king.

Would I recommend it as a device for playing PC games? Not really but then again I don’t recommend many audio solutions for PC gaming other than headphones as very few can overcome the overwhelming PC fan noise while still capturing the tiniest audible details.

Also, since this is a straight stereo device, it doesn’t have the immersive character of surround sound or a 3D sound system, but for a speaker that delivers clear and loud sound, it doesn’t disappoint too much. As I said before, Thorne does exactly what he needs to do, and I can’t help but admire him.

GXT 619 Thorne TrustGXT 619 Thorne Trust

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On a final note, the Thorne’s exterior is worth mentioning, which is subtle in form and shape but accented with RGB bands around its bottom wheels and volume to give it some style. It’s not oppressive RGB at all, and you can adjust it to one of six different styles by tapping the touch button on top of the Thorne, but it’s worth noting that software that fiddles with it more creatively would be welcome .

Still, for an affordable audio solution that’s really affordable and really easy to set up and use, there’s not a whole lot the Thorne can’t do badly. It won’t give you the sound quality of more expensive premium systems, but for a PC soundbar sitting almost directly in front of you, that’s not a huge ask anyway. It’s a great entry-level soundbar option, and you should check it out if you’re looking for something affordable and easy to use.


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