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H2, ‘Falconier Warrior Edition’ Korean version official release and pre-order on the 19th

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H2 Interactive is a flying shooting game developed by Wired Productions. The Korean version of the Nintendo Switch will be officially released on the 19th, and the pre-sale of the Nintendo Switch Korean version package (consumer price: 39,800 won) will start today (3rd).

The PC, PS4, and PS5 Korean versions will be officially released through Direct Games and PlayStation Store on the 6th.

is a flying shooting game where you ride a hawk through the sky, explore the beautiful sea, and engage in dogfights. A mighty sky warrior, the player is a falconer who roams a world teeming with seas torn by bad choices and conflicts. By conducting multiple campaigns, you can experience life from different perspectives and unravel the mysteries of the history of this world and the people who live there.

Defend your ship from threats like pirates and krakens, and perform dangerous missions and side quests. Sometimes he jumps into the deep sea or soars above the clouds, fights the Giant Crab City, or competes in a dogfight with the mysterious Mancer Order, who controls the world’s technology.

Includes a new updated main game, a new player class, a flying Ormir, and the ‘The Hunter’ DLC with a guided rocket-powered pyrotechnic cartridge, as well as the ‘Edge of the World’ DLC with three additional side quests and a new boss battle awaits. Included.

Players who enjoy this game must choose a faction, help them or perform missions to change the fate of me and my colleagues, and experience the life of a Falconer in different ways through various campaigns.

You’ll also have to survive battles and collect debris to upgrade your gear and hawks, and immerse yourself in the world of Falconiers with voice actors and an award-winning soundtrack.

Nintendo Switch package reservations include a Nintendo Switch title holder.

For more information on pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Korean version and PC, PS4, and PS5 Korean versions, please visit official website and Facebook, And Youtube, H2 Mallcan be checked in


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