H2,’Chris Tales’ Korean version scheduled to be officially released in July

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H2 Interactive (hereinafter H2) is a role-playing game developed by Dream Uncorporated and SYCK. It announced that the Korean version will be released on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in July.

Is a role-playing game that reinterprets the classic JRPG. You can play the present while looking at the past, see the choices of the present dynamically change the future, and observe all of the past, present, and future on one screen. In addition, the player can travel through a dark fairy tale world where Krisbell, the witch of time, and her fantastic companions face a gloomy future together.

Crisbell must explore Crystallis and the four kingdoms and fight the mighty Empress of Time to rewrite the future of the world to which she belongs and all who live in it. In the process, she joins forces with powerful companions, each with their own stories and skills, such as Matthias the Frog and Wilhelm the Boy Wizard.

While exploring the world and meeting colleagues one by one, Krisbel’s choices have far-reaching consequences for everyone he meets, and it will affect the world in real time throughout the journey. When you stand at the crossroads of this choice and face countless enemies in the way, each and every fellow becomes precious. This forces players to choose whether they will attack as they see it or whether they will use Krisbel’s time magic to find creative ways to win the fight.

For more information on the Korean version of PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, official website And Facebook, And YoutubeYou can check it in.



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