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H2KOREA, cooperation with the current Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association to revitalize the hydrogen economy

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[월간수소경제 성재경 기자] The Hydrogen Convergence Alliance (Chairman Jae-do Moon, hereinafter H2KOREA) and the German Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (Chairman Werner Debalt, hereinafter DWV) signed a business agreement on April 21 to promote hydrogen development and strengthen international cooperation. It was revealed on the 31st.

The German Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (Deutscher Wasserstoff-und Brennstoffzellen-Verband) is a private organization representing the German hydrogen industry established in 1996. It provides industry opinions to the government for the early introduction of green hydrogen and supports the export of domestic products. It is carrying out international cooperation activities for

The delegations of the two organizations agreed that a system that effectively supports the overall cooperation of the hydrogen industry is needed for the implementation of carbon neutrality and the creation of a hydrogen industry ecosystem between Korea and Germany, and signed this hydrogen cooperation.

Through this cooperation, we decided to focus on △hosting regular conferences and seminars, △cooperating exchanges and support, △building international cooperation networks, △discovering and supporting joint hydrogen policies, and △development of hydrogen introduction strategies.

In particular, through regular meetings, the company decided to exchange information on policies, technologies, and industry trends, discover joint policies, and support technology development, and will actively cooperate in establishing the’Global Hydrogen Industry Association’ to revitalize the global hydrogen economy. Collected.

H2KOREA Chairman Moon Jae-do said, “At the time when the two governments declare carbon neutrality and expand policies on the hydrogen economy, this cooperation is of great importance. , “We will build a strong hydrogen industry cooperation system at the private level.”

Germany’s DWV Chairman Werner Debalt said, “The use of green hydrogen will play an important role in the development of the hydrogen economy in both countries and in the industry and transportation sectors. Through this cooperation, we will share our experiences in the hydrogen field and based on mutual cooperation. We hope that we can promote technology exchange by doing so.”


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