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Ha Ji-won’s hair was cut, but “Feminya”… Even the politicians

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Cheerleader Ha Ji-won. (Instagram capture) © News 1

The controversy over the ‘radical feminist’ that started over the archery player Ansan’s short hair style continues.

Korea University professor Lee Han-sang from the former Jeju governor Won Hee-ryong, the presidential contender for the People’s Power, shared the story of cheerleader Ha Ji-won on his Facebook on the 21st.

It is reported that Ha Ji-won, a cheerleader of the LG Twins in professional baseball, was attacked by male netizens last month for having a short haircut.

Looking at the comments posted by Ha Ji-won, a male netizen sarcastically said, “You’re a feminist, but it must be hard to dance in front of a Hannam (a word that demeans Korean men).”

In the end, Ha Ji-won apologized through Instagram, saying, “I have nothing to do with Femi. I didn’t realize that what I did could cause misunderstanding to someone.”

Regarding this, Professor Lee Han-sang said, “I don’t know why men are meddling whether they shave their hair or dye their hair blonde. Do it in moderation.” “What is the difference between this and the extreme Muslims who say that if you don’t use the hijab, chador, burqa, or niqab, women will shoot you with a gun? “Don’t be shy in Seoul, go to Afghanistan and become the Taliban,” he said.

At the time, Ha Ji-won said about the reason for the short cut, “My hair was damaged due to frequent dyeing.

Regarding the allegation of using the term ‘Herberhuber’ in the past and posting posts related to feminists in the past, Ha Ji-won said, “I used the word without knowing whether it meant hate or condemnation. I never used it after I found out the meaning. “There was an article on Instagram Stories saying that they had uploaded a book related to Femi, but the books I uploaded were completely unrelated to Femi.”

Ha Ji-won said, “I have never had a male-hating or feminist ideology. Rather, I hate feminists who promote gender conflict.”

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