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Ha Seok-jin, “I like tall, skinny women… It’s better to be a person who has been there than to not marry”

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Actor Ha Seok-jin revealed his thoughts on marriage and spoke frankly about his ideal type.

On the 18th, Ha Seok-jin’s YouTube channel was ‘At this time. I uploaded a video titled ‘I talked about love, dating, parting, and marriage (with home appliance housewife, talkative girl, love talk, blind date story)’.

In the video, Ha Seok-jin visited the studio of the YouTuber ‘Housewife’ and had various conversations.

Ha Seok-jin said, “I want to get married. I didn’t really want to get married, but I started thinking about it a little bit from last year. I’ve reached my age, and I have a feeling that there are more negative aspects when I’m alone.” .

Then, he asked, “Normally, if you say ‘I’m an old bachelor until I’m indecisive’, doesn’t it look like there’s something wrong?”

The housewife denied this, saying, “Actually, the age of forty these days is like a newborn baby of the old bachelors.” “These days, marriage is a matter of choice, so if a seemingly healthy man is not getting married, ‘the necessity of marriage cannot be realized. I seem to be thinking ‘I feel it’ a lot more.”

To the home appliance housewife’s consolation (?), Ha Seok-jin replied, “I’m working hard right now.”

In addition, Ha Seok-jin said, “If someone asks, ‘Is it better to go or not to go?’, I think it is better to go. I think it’s better,” said the home appliance housewife, “Does it mean that you interpret being a divorced man in the sense that it has been verified because you’ve been there once?” Ha Seok-jin admitted, “That’s what it means.”

In particular, when asked about his ideal type, Ha Seok-jin said, “It seems that marriage and ideal type are actually different factors.” But “I prefer tall people to short people, and I prefer a skinny body rather than a glamorous person. That’s the external part.” “In terms of personality, I’m more of an introvert than I thought. In MBTI, I prefer someone with an E-side extrovert because I’m an I-side. And I like to travel, so I think it’s important to do it together.”

Also, about the other person’s job, he added, “I had a vague idea that it would be good if the other person had a job with a regular commute because my job was a bit unstable and irregular, and I tend to fit in.”

On the other hand, Ha Seok-jin, who is known as the representative of the entertainment industry ‘brain sex man’, made his debut in the 2005 CF ‘Korean Air – Hwangsan-sang’ and is actively working as an actor.

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