Ha-sung Kim reported the first RBI in the MLB demonstration game in 3 days

Mistakes and stolen mistakes

Kim Ha-sung (26, San Diego Padres), who had two days due to symptoms of physical ailments, participated in a demonstration game in three days and reported his first RBI on the major league stage.

Kim Ha-sung started as shortstop 6 times in the Chicago White Sox in the 2021 US Pro Baseball Major League demonstration held at Peoria Stadium in Arizona, USA on the 17th (Korean time), and recorded 2 at-bats, 1 hit and 1 RBI.

Kim Ha-sung’s batting average for the demonstration game was 0.150 (three hits in 20 at-bats).

Ha-seong Kim started the game with a mistake.

In the first inning, the White Sox’s number one hitter Tim Anderson made a throwback.

Fortunately, San Diego’s Joe Musgrove did not lead to a concession after passing the crisis with two strikeouts and one ground ball.

In the beginning of the second inning, Kim Ha-Sung made up for the previous mistake by catching Yermin Mercedes’ batted ball at the first base and catching the ball with second baseman Jake Cronenworth and first baseman Eric Hosmer.

At the end of the second inning, the first at-bat, Kim Ha-seong, who stepped down with a ground ball for second baseman without a runner, hit the end of the fourth inning.

Immediately after pursuing 1-3 with Will Myers’ doubles, Kim Ha-seong made a heavy hitting at 2nd and 2nd base.

At first, this battered ball that bounced after the opponent’s shortstop Anderson was judged as a mistake, but was corrected as a hit.

Thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s 3rd hit and 1st RBI in the major league demonstration, San Diego narrowed the gap to 2-3.

However, Kim Ha-seong was caught by a stealing failure in the next batter Lewis Campusano at-bat, and the inning ended in vain.

White Sox catcher Yermin Mercedes stopped the stealing of not only Kim Ha-sung, but also Jorge Matteo (end 5) and Tucupita Marcano (end 6).

In addition to Kim Ha-seong, the San Diego beasts played a particularly cluttered game on this day, including Eric Hosmer, Jake Cronenworth, and Campusano.

Ha-seong Kim was replaced when defending the 7th inning.

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