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Mr Yahiro Kazama, who has been following the CL this season, explains the highlights of the two teams that have progressed to the final. Manchester City are aiming for their long-awaited first win, but in addition to the support line of Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne, the success of a third player is likely to hold the key. Pay attention to the play of Ilkay Gundogan, who is currently in great form.

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Gundogan’s performance will be a barometer for Manchester City on their first Champions League win
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Manchester City appear to have a huge advantage in the Champions League final against Inter ahead of them. The two undoubted key players are scorer Erling Haaland and playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.

On the other hand, Ilkay Gundogan of the German national team, who wears the captain’s arm around his arm, is perhaps the brightest player in his 7th year with the club. Indeed, Gundogan’s ability has just been tested with two goals in the FA Cup final the other day. It is no exaggeration to say that he has become an indispensable presence in the city.

How does Yahiro Kazama see Gundogan’s success? First of all, he talked about his impressions of this season and the characteristics of his play.

“In short, you can say they are the core players behind the scenes. Gundogan makes up for it.

So the games where Gundogan stands out are when City play their football, and the games where he doesn’t stand out are when the team is doing well, like the first leg of the semi-final in against Real Madrid. no.

Anyway, he is quick-witted and good at judging situations. He is an omnipresent player near the opponent’s penalty area, and can receive the ball in narrow and wide spaces. Especially when entering the penalty area, the biggest point is that you can play towards the goal.

In general, it may be assumed that you can play with a positive attitude because you are going from the back to the front, but in reality it is not that easy. If you cannot judge correctly when and where to go out to play forward, you will not be able to receive the ball in a timely manner even if you enter the penalty area, and you will have to play to the side or back.

However, Gundogan not only has excellent ball handling skills, but also an excellent ability to judge when and where to go in, so that he can come out at the perfect time and take part in the finish. Furthermore, he is good at shooting, so he can score goals inside or outside the penalty area. For the opposition, I think he is a very difficult player to stop.”