Hacked on Russian satellite TV, “bloody hands” and anti-war message | Reuters

On May 10th, it was discovered that Russian satellite television had changed the menu that Moscow viewers could see, displaying a message about the Ukrainian war. The picture is a screen with a message such as “Your hands are bloody”. From images obtained by Reuters (2022 Reuters / China Daily)

[London 9th Reuters]–On the 9th, it was found that the menu that Moscow viewers could see was changed to someone on Russian satellite TV, and a message about the Ukrainian war was displayed. Reuters confirmed the words “Your hands are bloody” in the images you obtained.

The menu screen was shot on Russia’s Victory Day against Nazi Germany, and all channels display anti-war slogans.

One slogan is “Your hands are covered in the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of dead children” and “Television is also lying to the authorities. Against the war.”

This slogan was displayed just before the Victory Day parade on Red Square. The circumstances are unknown so far. According to Interfax, a similar slogan was displayed on cable TV. It was after being hacked.

An anti-war article criticizing President Putin was displayed on a Russian news site. Again, the circumstances are unknown and it was deleted immediately.