‘Had a date with Fahad, but…not killed the producer’: the young director spoke honestly

Kochi: Young director Vivek says that the name of the director whose first film failed hurt him a lot in his career. Vivek says he announced a romantic film with Fahadh Fazil in 2018 but had to drop the project due to some reasons after the shooting started and when the film came to a halt, he had to listen to criticism including that he did not know the address.

Vivek’s words are as follows;

The squirrel doesn’t look at me and the child, the squirrel only thinks about his wife and children

Although the announced film with Fahad did not happen, it was confirmed that the first film should be with the actor. Then ‘Athiran’ happens. Fahadh Faasil and Sai Pallavi’s dates have been secured but the director who missed out on the first film has put the producers back. Fahad called. So he went directly to meet him. Fahad said the first one is gone, you throw away the old thing, let’s make another film. I hesitated but got full support from Fahad.

Then the trouble was getting the producer. The fact that the director, whose debut film has stalled despite having dates for Fahadh and Sai Pallavi, has turned many away. Finally, Raju Mathew of Century Films, whom I know closely, decided to produce the film.

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