Haha ♥ Byeol “The youngest daughter, Songi, couldn’t even stand…Now conquer Galang Barre”

Screenshot from YouTube channel ‘Starry Tube’ video

Singer Byul was proud of her daughter who overcame the rare disease ‘Galang Barre’.

Recently, on Star’s YouTube channel ‘Starry Tube’, ‘”Come to me too!” A video called ‘Dating with Songi who loves cats so much’ was released.

Regarding this, Byul, who uploaded the video after about 3 months, said, “You must have waited anxiously for a long time. Actually, our youngest was sick. During the time Songi was sick, she took time to look after the child while giving up activities including Starlight Tube.” It shone and brought tears to his eyes.

Byeol explained, “Our Songi truly came back after overcoming all the difficult illnesses to be a filial daughter.” Their daughter, Songi, suffered from a rare disease called Guillain-Barre.

Screenshot from YouTube channel ‘Starry Tube’ video

Next, Byul said, “Actually, when Songi was very sick, it was difficult to sit, stand, walk, and even do these activities by herself.

In addition, he was proud to reveal, “Watching it again, our Songi imitated his vocal chords when he was young, which is said to be famous. He even copied the way he greeted while babbling.”

Finally, Haha and her daughter visited an animal cafe and had a good time watching alpaca and cats. He then ended the video by saying, “I’ll see you again with a healthy image from now on.”

Meanwhile, Ha Ha Byeol got married in 2012. In addition, he joined the ranks of famous couples with one son and two daughters.


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