Hainan: The epidemic has reached a obvious inflection issue, and the number of new infections for every working day has lowered for 4 consecutive days_Isolation_Report_Cai Wenjuan

Primary title: Hainan: The epidemic has attained a very clear inflection position, and the amount of new infections per working day has diminished for 4 consecutive times

China Broadcasting Community Haikou, August 22 (Reporter Cai Wenjuan) The reporter learned from the press conference on epidemic avoidance and command in Hainan Province held on August 22 that the existing epidemic situation in Hainan Province has arrived at an inflection place, and the each day quantity of new infections has continued 4 days of decrease, the major chain of transmission is basically blocked, the prevention and command of epidemic in the province is usually controllable, and it is secure and improving. The amount of individuals who have been healed and produced and the variety of men and women introduced from isolation has greater substantially. As of August 21, 886 circumstances have been cured and discharged in Hainan Province, a full of 2,324 instances had been healed and discharged, and 25,850 people today have been produced from isolation.

The scene of the push conference (photo by Cai Wenjuan, reporter from China Central Radio Community)

As of August 21, there had been 232 newly verified cases in Hainan Province, of which 82 were being asymptomatic bacterial infections and 535 had been asymptomatic bacterial infections, for a full of 685 new infections. Amongst the new conditions, 121 had been found independently and controls, and 29 ended up found in nucleic acid screening of related possibility groups. Amid the 535 asymptomatic infections, 441 were being uncovered separately from controls, and 94 were being located in nucleic acid screening of related threat groups.

Amongst them, Sanya described 472 circumstances of infection on August 21, a lessen of 220 instances from the 20th (692 situations) Wanning, Dongfang, and Lingao, of which Wann lowered significantly, lessened by 21 from the 20th (58) ■ Instances: Lingshui claimed 8 circumstances, all of which were being central isolation personnel. Lingshui and Lingao have not gained any social focus Haikou’s new quarantine personnel are shut-loop professionals Qionghai, Ding’an, Changjiang, and Wuzhishan have all recorded no additions for quite a few consecutive times Sansha, Tunchang, Qiong The 5 towns and counties of Zhong, Baoting and Baisha continue to be totally free of the epidemic.Return to Sohu, see a lot more


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