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Dubai: Dr Mukesh Batra of Dr Batras Clinic said hair loss and scalp problems are common among women in the UAE. It is caused by stress, hormonal changes, diet and heredity. Reports indicate that 67% of people in the UAE face the problem of hair loss. Air pollution and extreme heat also cause hair fall.

He said it is a global problem and 30 million men and 20 million women suffer from hair loss. Also, reports have been coming out recently that skin diseases are on the rise in the UAE. Pimples and rashes bother many people. The main reason for this is the changes in the climate. As a solution to this, all the medicines in the market today are mixed with chemicals. Its side effects cause skin problems and hair loss.

Dr. Mukesh Batra was talking about opening Dr. Batra’s clinic in Khisaise with homeopathic medical facial for facials. Dr. Batras, the world’s largest chain of homeopathic clinics, offers natural hair and skin treatments free of side effects. The science of homeopathic treatment in Germany is carried out with the help of aesthetic technologies.

Homeopathy provides modern treatment methods in accordance with people’s sense of beauty. Dr Batras Clinic has been operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for 15 years. These clinics have a very good reputation for hair care and skin treatments. State-of-the-art treatment methods are available here at a very low cost.

Hair loss and skin problems are on the rise among UAE women

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