Hair loss, blood clots, inflammation.. What kind of change is eating black rice and black beans?

The antioxidants in the black skin are key.

Black rice dissolves blood clots and helps slow aging. [사진=국립농업과학원]

Among the black foods, there are many healthy foods. black beans. Black sesame and black rice are representative examples. Black beans, like regular beans, are rich in nutrients such as protein, and their black skins contain plenty of antioxidants. Black rice (black rice) is also rich in anthocyanins in its skin. What changes will happen to your body if you eat this ‘black food’ often?

◆ Notable ingredients of black rice… Dietary fibre, protein, vitamins and antioxidants

Unlike white rice, black rice is rice from which only the body has been removed. Because it is in a similar state to brown rice, which is a whole grain, it contains more dietary fiber and protein than white rice. Dietary fiber content is 4-6%, which is higher than brown rice. It is rich in minerals such as vitamins B1 and B2, magnesium, and zinc, so it is good for preventing constipation and anemia. In particular, it is very beneficial to health because it contains anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids, and gamma oryzanol, which are antioxidants that reduce oxidation (damage, aging) in the body.

Health effects of black rice… Helps dissolve blood clots, slows down aging, anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity

According to the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, many anthocyanins in the bran layer of black rice have antioxidant effects similar to vitamin E. It helps dissolve blood clots that block blood vessels and increases the power to fight inflammation and various external bacteria. It slows down aging, improves immunity, and prevents the spread of stomach and colon cancer cells. It also has the effect of preventing obesity by reducing the differentiation of fat cells that gain weight. Gamma oryzanol has a serum cholesterol lowering effect and is useful for headaches and nervous breakdowns. GABA is a neurotransmitter that has excellent blood pressure control and nerve stabilizing effects.

Black rice produced in the southern regions of Korea stands out for its purple color when cooked. You can enjoy the savory and sweet taste with a chewy texture. When cooking rice, mainly white rice and black rice are mixed in a certain ratio (about 10%). It can be used as a color-giving delicacy, such as black kalguksu and black rice cake soup.

◆ Heuktae, Seoritae, Seomoktae, mouse eye bean… Antioxidants are 4 times higher than regular soybeans

There are many types of black beans. Heuktae, which is large in size, is used for soybean rice or bean porridge. Although the shell of Seoritae is black, the inside is green and the eggs are dense. Seomoktae (female head) is small in size, so it is called juniper, and has been used for medicinal purposes rather than food since ancient times. Black soybeans contain approximately 40% of essential amino acids and contain four times more antioxidants such as vitamin E, carotenoids, saponins, and anthocyanins, which slow down aging, than regular soybeans.

◆ Cysteine ​​helps prevent hair loss … Growing children – good for development

Black beans contain a lot of cysteine, which is essential for hair growth, so it helps prevent hair loss. The effect of lowering serum triglycerides and cholesterol to purify the blood and improve the health of blood vessels is better than ordinary soybeans. This is because the black skin contains a lot of anthocyanins. Black beans are rich in lysine (an amino acid) which is essential for human growth, so it is useful for growing children and young people to eat.

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