Hajj registration starts on February 8

This year (2023) Hajj registration will start on February 8 (Wednesday) for public and private Hajj. Registration ends on February 23.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued a notification for Hajjatri registration on Sunday (February 5).

You can register up to 42 thousand 293 of pre-registration in government management and up to 7 lakh 8 thousand 364 of last pre-registration in private management. This time 1 lakh 27 thousand 198 people from Bangladesh can perform Hajj.

According to the latest calculations of the Ministry of Religion, there are 15 thousand 436 people under government management and 2 lakh 54 thousand 140 people under private management who are waiting to be pre-registered for Hajj.

The notification informed that the validity of the pilgrim’s passport should be up to December 31 for the registration of pilgrims under the government management. If you are unable to go to Hajj after registration, you will get the rest of the money except the money already spent. If the cost of Hajj increases, it will be considered as package price and will have to be paid by the pilgrim. Any money left over will be returned to the pilgrim.

Hajj pilgrims must submit their passport and Covid vaccine certificate to the Hajj office in Ashkona, Dhaka, within 3 days of registration for government-managed Hajj visa.

Hajj flights for Dhaka-Jeddah, Dhaka-Madinah, Jeddah-Dhaka and Madinah-Dhaka routes for Hajj travel and departure. However, you can also travel from Chittagong and Sylhet. Registrations will be invited in order of pre-registration from among the pre-registrants to fill up the vacant quota.

After deducting the process fee of 1000 taka from the 30 thousand taka taken during the pre-registration, after deducting the remaining 29 thousand taka, the remaining 6 lakh 54 thousand 15 taka to the Hajj will be registered in Sonali Bank Limited’s Motijheel local office branch in account no. It is asked to accept the Hajjatri Registration Certificate by submitting it within the stipulated date through the voucher.

Hajjatri registration of private management
The agencies will announce the Hajj package in line with the Hajj package of the government management and ensure the facilities for the Hajj pilgrims. The Hajj package announced by the agency should be uploaded on www.hajj.gov.bd, www.haabbd.com and the agency’s own website and its copy should be sent to Hajj-1 branch.

As per Rule 11 (2) of Hajj and Umrah Management Rules 2022, the agency has to enter into contracts with pilgrims and conduct all transactions through banks.

After deducting a total of Tk 4 thousand 750 from Tk 30 thousand 752 taken at the time of pre-registration, the remaining Tk 26 thousand 2 is adjustable.

Jeddah-Makkah-Madinah and Mashair al-Haram transport fee is 35 thousand 162 taka and air fare is 1 lakh 97 thousand 797 taka, totaling 2 lakh 32 thousand 959 taka. Out of this, excluding the adjustable 26 thousand 2 taka, the remaining 2 lakh 6 thousand 958 taka must be deposited in the designated bank account of the registering Hajj agency by March 28.

On the 5 days of Hajj at Mina-Arafah and Muzdalifah there will be tabu of four categories (Category A, B, C and D) based on the service rendered by the Muallem. The tabu of the category to be accepted by the agency i.e. 1 lakh 36 thousand 130 rupees for D-category, 1 lakh 60 thousand 630 rupees for C-category, 2 lakh rupees 24 thousand 621 rupees for B-category and 2 lakh rupees 90 thousand 930 rupees for A-category Service charges can be collected from pilgrims.

After receiving the amount declared in the package from the pilgrim, the concerned agency will issue the Pilgrim ID (PID) to the pilgrim. If the Hajj agency does not have at least 97 registered Hajj pilgrims then the Lead Agency shall be appointed as per the ‘Hajj and Umrah Management Rules, 2022’. After that the conciliation agency has to complete all the work including transfer of the registered Hajj pilgrims online in favor of the lead agency. Lead Agency (Registrar) will take all responsibility of transferred Hajj pilgrims. Monazzem will be appointed from Lead Agency.

Pilgrims cannot carry any perishable food items, tobacco, betel nuts/Jorda i.e. intoxicants during Hajj. Medications and medical supplies (blood sugar test strips, needles, insulin, diabetes and high blood pressure medication) must be taken (for at least 45 days) with you on a regular basis. Medical supplies should be carried along with the doctor’s prescription.

The Holy Hajj will be held on June 27 (9 Zilhj) this year subject to moon sighting. According to the Hajj agreement with Saudi Arabia, 127 thousand 198 people from Bangladesh will be able to perform Hajj this time. Out of this, 15 thousand people will get opportunity to perform Hajj under government management and remaining 112 thousand 198 people under private management.

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