Hakeem Butler must be a Cowboys guy if they trade for a Broad Receiver

You can never have too many weapons in the NFL today.

After trading for Amari Cooper in the middle of the season last year, the Cowboys placed a slot receiver with Randall Cobb during this free agency.

With those two who have given significant support to Dak Prescott, the jury is still trying to get the second recipient outside. If they don't believe in Michael Gallup or Allen Hurns coming up next season, don't be surprised if the team decides to trade another trader.

If this is the way Jerry Jones and Co. take it, Hakeem Butler should be on his mining list.

Butler would be very similar to Cooper in the Cowboys offense while standing at 6 to 5-5 feet and weighing at 227 pounds. Drafting Butler would threaten the best red zone for them from Dez Bryant.

Apart from his red belt ability, it is a bully when he gets in the open field with the ball in his hands. With what it is, it is difficult to bring down when it hits full speed. Butler will not fight.

If the move is there to build it, the laziness of the Cowboys should not start drawing.

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