Halal Jaggery: High Court issues notice to companies High Court issues notice to companies on Halal Jaggery controversy

Kochi: Vardhan Agro Processing Ltd. of Maharashtra, the contractor that procured jaggery for the production of bread and oatmeal in 2019-20, and Southern Agro’s High Court of Thrissur, which bought the remaining jaggery at auction, have filed a petition seeking an injunction against the use of halal certified jaggery for the production of bread and oatmeal at Sabarimala.

Sabarimala Karmasamithi General Convener SJR In the petition filed by Kumar, Justice Anil K Kumar directed the two companies to join the party. Narendran, Justice P.G. A division bench comprising Justices Ajit Kumar and A.S. The notice was issued on Thursday after they were added to the party. The petition will be considered again on December 3.

The court had yesterday directed the petitioner, the government and the Devaswom Board to state what is halal.

Shiv Sena leader owns ‘halal jaggery’ company in Sabarimala; BJP cuts

A turning point in the ‘halal jaggery’ controversy related to Sabarimala. According to documents on the Registrar of Companies website, the jaggery packets are not manufactured by a company under Muslim management. With this, the BJP, which had raised controversy in the name of jaggery, was cut.

The jaggery packets are manufactured by Vardhan Agro Processing Limited, based in Pune, Maharashtra. Not only this, company chairman Dhairyasheel Dhyandev Kadam is also a Shiv Sena leader in Maharashtra, Media One reports.

Dhyandev was the Shiv Sena candidate in the 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections in the Karat North constituency. He lost to NCP’s Balasaheb Pandurang Patil in Satara district. Dhyandev was third behind independent Manoj Bhimrao Ghorpade with 39791 votes. He polled 19.95 per cent of the vote. Patil got 50.39 per cent of the vote. Dhyandev had also contested in the constituency on a Congress ticket in 2014. But Patil, who has been winning since 2009, was the winner.

Dhyandev’s Instagram account is full of posts related to Shiv Sena. He shared the memorandum until Thackeray’s memorial day on November 17. Various pictures and videos of the election campaign have been posted on the Facebook page.

Dhyandev’s Vardhan Agro Processing Ltd. has been active in the agro-related sector for over ten years. The other directors of the company are Satyasheel Dhyandev Kadam, Vikramsheel Dhyandev Kadam, Gitanjali Satyasheel Kadam, Sunitha Dhairyasheel Kadam and Tejaswini Vikramsheel Kadam.

The company’s highlight is its sulfur-free sugar products. Their products are marketed under various names including jaggery and its powder. One of them is the jaggery powder used for Aravanapayasam in Sabarimala. Vardhan Agro Processing is one of the wholesale giants in the region. The company exports its products to many foreign countries, including the Gulf countries. That is why the halal certificate is printed on the packing.

The Sangh Parivar alleged that halal jaggery was used to make aravana and bread at Sabarimala. Apart from Aravana Prasad, the same jaggery is also used to make Unniyappam. The BJP also took up the issue after BJP state president K Surendran’s statement that halal jaggery should not be used even in Sabarimala.



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