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Original title: Halloween | Ken Bean is laughing at himself, Beaver is so beautiful, and Hai Ma is still a big production! This year’s cross-dressing war is a must see! !

Every Halloween, many stars go out to play dress-up, and this year is no exception. Everyone untangles the seals and goes wild.

Originally, this manuscript was going to be launched while it was hot yesterday, but when the release time came, our heavyweight guest Haima still didn’t show up. To wait for her, the manuscript was moved to today ! It turns out that we did not wait in vain.

The distribution list slowly looks like ????.

cute funny group

This year, Ken Dou’s styling was inspired by Tsui Si in “Toy Story”, and the braided bean is too cute, and the background setting is also in place.

Of course, being cute is not enough, let’s see Dou back to kill, this kind of Tracy is too spicy!

The second set of Kendou styles cucumbers ????, with a knife in his hand, Kendou cut cucumbers stem is here again, haha, self-disapproving level is perfect.

Before that, Kendou couldn’t cut cucumbers in the reality show and was laughed at by everyone. He played his own stem and made a good circle of fans. Youdou has funny talents in you.

Coincidentally, the singer Khalid got Cos Woody, do you think there is a sense of CP (no). One thing to say, Khalid moves like a doll.

Lizzo was wearing Marge Simpson in “The Simpsons” He was cosplaying very attentively, the exposed parts of his body were painted with yellow paint, and the eyelashes he painted were also full of soul.

Let’s see, they can’t be said to be exactly similar, they can only be said to be exactly the same.

Ka and Lizzo’s teacher thought of going together, and they both flirt with Maggie from “The Simpsons”, which is a very sexy version!

Teacher Ka’s outfits are also of great provenance, from Mugler’s 1995 autumn and winter haute couture range, sexy and naughty!

The 4 cute babies of Sister Jin cos family with veteran singers, Northwest Girl cos Aaliyah, Zhizhi cos Sade, Saint cos Snoop, Salm cos Eazy E.

As expected from the baby of the Kardashian family, she is very fanciful at such a young age.

Let’s look at the original shape, Sant and Salm really captured the essence, and they look very rapper. Xiaobei feels more and more like Ye, and has the aura of a big sister. Meiwa Zhizhi is more like a mother, with delicate facial features.

Mother does not know the group

“Zombie Bride” is a popular theme for cos every year, and this year is no exception. This time, Emily’s Latto cos look can definitely be counted as the first few! The editor really wants to ask, how did this skeleton, hand and leg, do that.

Janelle Monae, who starred in the feminist film “Hidden Figures”, dressed as Diva Plavalaguna in the film “The Fifth Element”, and looks like her. Are you sure it didn’t come out of the movie?

In the movie, Diva is a singer, and Janelle was singing loudly, and her moves were too good.

The live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” turned Halle Bailey into Na’vi, and her wide-eyed distance is quite appropriate here.

Let’s take a look at the animation, did you enjoy its beauty?

Fanning’s sister as a ghost baby bride, this evil and charming shape cannot be recognized as the little fairy Elle, the thin eyebrows are too cold.

Sister Jin turned into Mystique, and the blue tights outline her figure perfectly, and she managed to lose weight!

Let’s look at Sister Jin’s blue skin, the dots all over the body can see that the editor’s intense phobia is about to be provoked.

One-to-one recovery group

Sister and Liz Gillies recreate the classic looks of Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Lynch in the classic comedy film “Best in show”.

But I don’t think that Sister A is much like Sophie in “Broken Sisters”. In fact, this role is played by Sophie!

Sister A also played a male role, eyebrows + glasses + glasses + Crayon polo shirt this is for veteran cadres, the editor suspected that Sister A connoting stalk “men should not dress like children after 20 years age”.

Jin Xiaomei dresses up like the heroine of “Ecstasy”, Avella, and feels like a nosebleed~

All the scenes are restored one-by-one, and Jin Xiaomei is really serious about cosplaying every year. But netizens also reflected that this shape is a bit like a spider spirit.

The second set of leg looks is the American science fiction horror film “The Bride of Frankenstein” (The Bride of Frankenstein) in the 1930s, an artificial woman made by doctors with “bulky” organs spliced ​​together! This setting is a bit scary????, but the shape of Mr. Kai really restores the holy and dark beauty of the film!

For this set of cos, Xiaomei specially customized a high-definition dress in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier and designer Glenn Martens, which is worthy of being a rich woman!

The strappy skirt is from JPG, and the white top is from French brand Peetdullaert, specially made for Halloween Mr Kai, you’re right!

Kylie’s third set of modeling takes the sci-fi route, the theme is space girl + aliens, and the special effects are also very good!

Bea pays special tribute to 90’s R&B diva Toni Braxton this Halloween.

With short hair, a white vest and a leather jacket, she dressed up to emulate the look of Donnie’s classic 1993 album, and changed the name of the cover to “Phoni Braxton”, very thoughtful!

But there was oolong.Kris, the Queen Mother of the Jin family, thought Sister Bi was her cosplay, and even tweeted her thanks, which embarrassed her hahaha.

Dog abuse CP group

Megan and Gunslinger dressed up as movie characters Pam and Tommy, and these two even got to spray candy!

The second set of cos is a little limited, and there are videos. After the editor clicked on the crowded subway, the stress was turned off, and you can still play.

Paris Hilton dressed as Moon Hare from Sailor Moon, while her husband Carter Reum dressed as a tuxedo mask.

Here is the concept map of the shape, European and American version of Sailor Moon seems good~

Miranda Kerr and her husband Evan Spiegel cos Catwoman and Batman, Kerr too thin, so hot!

Dabu and Nicola played the roles of the male and female protagonists in the 1996 version of Xiao Lizi’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Let’s look at the original picture, how can you miss the beauty of Xiao Lizi


A very impressive group

Beaver reproduces French supermodel Laetitia Casta’s closed show look at YSL’s spring/summer 1999 high definition series show. She’s actually a YSL girl.

These flowers are real flowers, the flower fairy is so beautiful it’s suffocating, it’s simply a god of beauty!

Sister Pa is dressed as a racing driver The sharp bangs and the eye shadow are still familiar with y2k’s taste. The hollow see-through top is too sexy Please give the trophy for the hottest racing driver to Sister Pa.

AA dressed as a witch is amazing! The contact lenses are also very special, but ~ it’s a bit like a bloated husky.

Let’s look at the whole body picture, which is worthy of being AA, a beautiful witch.

The last one to appear, of course, is the “Halloween King” Heidi Klum. Every year, she doesn’t take the usual route. Take a look at her look this year (huge bug alert ⚠️).

She plays giant worms! Disgusting but funny.

How can Haima be so creative? Every year there is such an amazing cos! The special effects make-up was done this time by the famous special effects make-up artists Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine who were nominated for the Oscar and who created the make-up for the “New Batman” Penguin.

Haima was also scowling very cooperatively, I couldn’t look any closer, the editor was a bit uncomfortable (running away)!

The man Tom Kaulitz plays the one-eyed fisherman, the fisherman and the bait, who seems to have a sense of CP haha.

Okay, tell me because who are you most satisfied with, the editor is a little upset that Bella didn’t participate (she was on a business trip in the Middle East).

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Written by: Lydia

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