Halloween Sin weaves a legend in the form Drive-through

Xinhua News Agency Reported that many Americans Parade together to drive a private car to attend the event “Hontovin LA“(HAUNTOWEEN LA) in Woodland Hills United States of Los AngelesThe festivalHalloween At the exhibition Will have a realistic experience Just drive through (Drive-through)

Activity “Hontovin LA(HAUNTOWEEN LA) The above took place on 9 Oct 2020 Past toHalloween Or on October 31, that by organizing activitiesDrive-thru Halivon Its objective is to avoid the spread of COVID-19 infection. And to continue this interesting festival


Worldometer Which is the latest information reporting website That has been collected from public health agencies around the world that state. The US still has the number 1 number of cases in the world. It is currently at 8,387,799 and the death toll is 224,730.

On the sideU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that Number of deaths from COVID-19 inThe US may reach 233,000 levels by October 31, 2020.

Special thanks to the news photo: REUTERS

Story by NationTV | Photo courtesy of REUTERS


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