Halsey: G-Eazy's relationship ended in Minneapolis

As Halsey's host and musician hit his "Gan Me, hit", the phrase "Ashley I cheated" showed a background behind her. And just below that? "I Minneapolis."

(Yes, there were also other cities, including New Orleans and Austin, but not) that are not so prominent and b) we do not live there)

It is understood that the message, as anyone who was slightly versed in Halsey lore, was suggesting that Gerald "G-Eazy" Gillum, the singer's best-rapper boy, is in a sense. (Ashley is the birth name of Halsey.)

City Pages can not affirm that G-Eazy is indulged in heavy infidelity north as he goes through the town and, in fact, he does not really want, in fact. We will say, however, that G-Eazy should be embarrassed because of his alleged behavior.

However, it is suspicious that the "two" sentences have said "embarrassment" within a man's emotional repository, saying: "There is a Mint Slot, this is the best one. Johnny Cash is my hero and more in music. "

(Halsey does not drink flavoring. She fuckin & Yoo-hoo talks about eating a pork roll on a bagel, which launches such Jersey that Springsteen looks like it's from Mankato.)

For the record, this is a pro-Halsey website. With regards to Gerald, "Dice Clay's black leather jackets is the worst thing, with better traces."

The desperate sign that we get exciting when the city name is contingently in the context of a pop star from its skeevy old boyfriend as a serial cheater on live television? Hmm, maybe, he did not think about that.

Then again, the person who clickes on this story is a pile.

P.S. We do not want to know who was.


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