Hamburger: Famous Country Singer Monsit Khamsoi Shares Lucky Numbers and Lottery Success

Hamburger: A Legendary Figure in the World of Lucky Numbers

16 September 2023, 11:07 am

In the realm of lucky numbers, Monsit Khamsoi has earned himself the status of a godfather. This renowned country singer has been generously providing lucky numbers to gamblers on a regular basis and, interestingly, seems to have a knack for winning the lottery himself. Monsit, however, always emphasizes that his tips should be taken as mere guidance, reminding his followers not to place judgement on their accuracy.

Recently, Monsit took to social media to share a photo of himself clutching a substantial stack of lottery tickets that he had acquired for the September 16 draw. He mentioned his plan to make another purchase around 2:00 pm, disclosing the location where he made his current acquisition, namely the Saphan Khwai area.

“I have just purchased some tickets in Saphan Khwai. At around 2 pm, I will head out to buy another batch. This time, it’s for September 16. Take note of the numbers 054, 240, 241, 54, and 40. Use your discretion when analyzing them. It’s crucial not to pass judgement on me, whether they turn out to be right or wrong. This is just my way of playing it safe. Let’s aim for maximum accuracy,” Monsit explained.

Monsit’s loyal fans flooded the comment section with wishes for good luck, fortune, wealth, and success, demonstrating their unwavering support.


16 September 2023 11:07 am

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Many people consider him the godfather of lucky numbers. For famous country singers Monsit Khamsoi which often gives lucky numbers to gamblers on a regular basis Moreover, he often wins the lottery. Every time Monsit always said that Tips as a guide Right or wrong, don’t say that.

Most recently, Monsit posted a photo holding a large stack of lottery tickets for the September 16 draw that he went to buy in the Saphan Khwai area. Along with saying it will be close to 2:00 pm and going to buy a panel again.

“I went to buy some now in Saphan Khwai, around 2 pm, and I will go to buy another batch. This time, 16 September. Like 054-240-241-54-40-use your discretion when watching. P’ whether it’s right or not, don’t judge me. It’s just a way to play it safe. Let’s make it right.”

Many fans who followed came to the comments and wished them luck, fortune, wealth and success.

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