“Han Dong-hoon, chasing after Lee Jae-jung and shaking hands in front of the elevator?”… I saw the video at the time.

Representative Jae-Jeong Lee, the first to publicly shake hands
Han Dong-hoon and Kim Eui-gyeom, “I’m sorry for spreading false information”

▲ Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon (right) greets Representative Lee Jae-jeong at the ‘Ministry of Justice – Anyang City, Anyang Legal Facility Hyundai Association and Anyang Prison Relocation Business Agreement Ceremony’ held at the Ministry of Justice in Gwacheon Government Complex on the 18th. 2022.8.18. provided by the Ministry of Justice

While Representative Kim Eui-gyeom of the Democratic Party of Korea has claimed several times, “Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon was aware of the camera and doggedly followed Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jae-jung into the elevator to shake hands.” showing

Representative Kim appeared on YouTube’s ‘Park Si-Young TV’ on the 13th and said, “There was a problem with the relocation of Anyang Prison. He said, “I went to the event because it was the constituency of this member of the House of Representatives, but a minister came.” He said, “Rep. Lee remembered Rep. Yun Ho-jung and said, ‘I think we can’t meet and laugh,’ so he said he deliberately avoided having his picture taken.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Yun Ho-jung previously received criticism from some strong opposition supporters after a picture of him smiling broadly with his wife Kim Kun-hee, the wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol, was released in dinner to commemorate the inauguration. the 20th president in May.

Rep. Kim said, “(Rep. Lee) didn’t meet intentionally and stayed far away, but after finishing the event safely, I was going to get on the elevator, but a minister said he was coming on her back.’ And he reached out to shake hands, and Assemblyman Lee couldn’t refuse, so he said he greeted me with as little formality as possible.”

“It was said that the camera was filming it right behind them,” he said. Han Dong-hoon, who went beyond the logic of the camp to coordinate government’ was published and the article went out beautifully.”

He continued, “This is a well planned and well thought out scripture.” He said, “I think we shouldn’t fall into that trap, as the content and format of the government’s questions and minister’s comments are made by various standing committees, they are all planned.”

Rep. Kim told the same story on YouTube ‘Kim Eo-jun’s Das Boi’, which was released on the 16th. This is the story I heard from Representative Lee, saying, “A minister came after me, and there is nowhere to run because he is in front of the elevator. He reached out and asked for a handshake, smiled and shook hands, but the camera was behind him.”

It appears that the event that Representative Kim was referring to was the ‘Agreement on the Modernization of Anyang Legal Facility and the Relocation of Anyang Prison’ held at the Ministry of Justice conference room on the 18th of last month. Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho, Assemblyman Lee, and Anyang City Council Chairman Choi Byung-il attended the event.

The Ministry of Justice (Minister Dong-Hoon Han) signed an MOU with Anyang City (Mayor Choi Dae-ho) at 3 pm on August 18 at 3 pm for the Modernization of Anyang Legal Facilities and the Relocation of Anyang Prison.  provided by the Ministry of Justice

▲ The Ministry of Justice (Minister Dong-Hoon Han) signed an MOU with Anyang City (Mayor Choi Dae-ho) at 3 pm on August 18 at 3 pm for the Modernization of Anyang Legal Facilities and the Relocation of Anyang Prison. provided by the Ministry of Justice

According to the photo released by the Ministry of Justice, the place where Minister Han and Representative Lee shook hands was not in front of the elevator, but in the conference room where the business agreement ceremony was held.

If you look at the video of the situation at the time, the two are clapping and greeting each other in public. Then, when their eyes met, a minister bowed his head, and greeted Representative Lee, and when Representative Lee held his hand first, a minister also held his hand.

Minister Han said through the Ministry of Justice, “This is not factional logic, but only the interests of citizens and the country, and the mayor of the Democratic Party, politicians, and the Ministry of Justice decided to solve a long-standing problem together. He said, “I am sorry that Representative Kim, who did not attend too late, appeared on the broadcast and repeatedly told false facts that were completely different from the truth.”

He added, “The Ministry of Justice will work with Anyang City to ensure good results for citizens.”

On the other hand, the ‘Anyang Legal Facility Modernization Project’ is a project to create legal facilities such as a detention center on part of the site where Anyang Prison moved, while developing a cultural and green space for regional development in the rest of the site.

Anyang Prison, built in 1963 in Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, is a representative former correctional facility. In the structural safety inspection carried out twice in 1995 and 1999, it was found that there was a serious safety problem.

Accordingly, the relocation has been promoted since 1997, but the government and local governments have had difficulties in the last 25 years as they have not managed to reduce their differences over the scope and approach of the project. The Ministry of Justice and Anyang City plan to gather opinions from all walks of life on creating convenient facilities and using the site by holding a residents’ briefing session after the signing ceremony.

Correspondent Lee Bo-hee

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