Han Dong-hoon “Democratic Party, instead make a ‘law prohibiting the punishment of a special person'”

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“Instead of harming the people by destroying the judicial system,
It is better to single out a particular person and make a law against a particular person.”

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon (left) and Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung. / Photo = News 1

On the 6th, Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon said, “I would rather have a law stating that a certain person will not be punished even if he commits a crime” be made,” he said. It is noted that the Democratic Party is shaking the judicial system to stop the investigation of Lee Jae-myeong, the representative of the Democratic Party.

Reporters asked Minister Han, before attending the government inquiry held in the National Assembly this afternoon, “The Democratic Party is preparing a bill to reduce the authority of the prosecution. What do you think? “If you trying to stop everything, rather than shaking and destroying the judicial system and harming the people, it is better to identify and make a law which states that a particular person will not be punished even if he commits crime is less harmful to the people.”

Another minister said, “Politics should be a tool to protect the people, not a tool to protect politicians under criminal investigation.” “A warrant is issued by the court. Does it mean the court rules or’ n dominate dictatorship? The more incoherent words continue, the more it only exposes the wrong intention to prevent a criminal investigation.”

On this day, Minister Han said, “I want to ask whether the prosecution, the media and political circles apply the same standards to their families,” as Jo Min, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, revealed , her face for the first time. time via YouTube broadcast. I don’t think it’s something the Justice Minister should be talking about,” he dismissed.

Hong Min-seong, Hankyung.com reporter mshong@hankyung.com

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