Han Dong-hoon “Lee Jae-myeong, I heard that if he won the presidential election, the incident would be over”

Han Dong-hoon, Minister of Justice [자료사진 제공 : 연합뉴스]

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon directly criticized the comments of Lee Jae-myeong, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, who said, “The prosecution’s summons is the price of losing the presidential election.”

Minister Han told reporters who met in front of the Ministry of Justice building, “Representative Lee’s comments that he will appear before the prosecution in exchange for losing the presidential election sounds like saying if he won the presidential election , it would crush the case.” No,” he said.

Additionally, regarding the prosecution’s comparison of the prosecution’s investigation into the dual group as “the prosecution’s new novel,” he noted, “We should respond with evidence and facts just like other citizens, rather than saying vague words.”

Regarding the Democratic Party’s insistence on presenting a special prosecutor for the ‘Channel A case’ where innocence was confirmed, Minister Han said sarcastically, “Since it is a case where innocence has been confirmed in court, a special court should not. be created instead of a special prosecutor?”

Additionally, regarding Democratic Party spokesman Kim Eui-gyeom’s claim that the prosecutors in charge of the Deutsche Motors stock manipulation case were downgraded, he said, “I received a report that showed that all my wishes were are reflected in the report. the prosecutor’s personnel and everything is going well.” “He set me up.

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