Han Dong-hoon’s ‘complete’ enforcement purchase “Why do you say not to examine” vs. Minbyun “Never go in opposition to the prosecution reform”

Dong-Hoon Han “Exactly next the wording of the legislation
Why really should we not perform an investigation into community abuse and phony accusations?
The intention and coronary heart of not remaining capable to investigate critical crimes”
Minbyun “A new classification of crimes you’ve never ever heard of
Enlargement of the enforcement ordinance on the scope of direct investigation diminished by regulation
We will not fight the lawful mandate, but cease it straight away.”

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▲ Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon declared the amendment to the ‘Regulations on the Scope of Crimes for Prosecutors to Investigate’, which noticeably expands the scope of the prosecution’s investigation immediately after implementing the ‘Complete Deprivation of Prosecutors’ Investigative Rights’ Act ‘ at the Governing administration Advanced in Ngwacheon on the 11th. Information 1

On the 12th, Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon countered the opposition’s criticism of the amendment to the enforcement ordinance similar to the so-referred to as ‘Complete Inspection Act’ (Revised Prosecutor’s Office Act, Felony Process Act) , declaring, “Why shouldn’t we examine?” On the other hand, the Lawyers Democratic Society (Minbyun) criticized in a assertion on the exact same day, saying, “The Ministry of Justice ought to not go against the task of the occasions, these types of as prosecution reform.”

Minister Han stated in added explanatory substance relating to the modification to the Initiation of Investigation Polices dispersed on the similar working day, “This enforcement ordinance does not deviate from the scope of the law enacted by the Nationwide Assembly. How can you dismiss the Senedd? “The govt has no intention of ignoring the Nationwide Assembly,” he claimed.

In particular, Minister Han said, “The individuals have found are living and know extremely very well that when they tried to pass the so-named censorship legislation by disregarding the constitutional method with the energy of the the vast majority, they have them ‘intentions and intentions to stop that he is not allowed to carry out even these ‘intentions and feelings’,” he stated, directly hitting the Democratic Celebration of Korea, which led the invoice.

Minister Han said, “The government’s common is that vital crimes need to be comprehensively investigated in get to safeguard the men and women from the ravages of criminal offense. Consequently, it is neither widespread sense nor regulation for the federal government to ignore the regulation and abide by its ‘intention and heart’.”

“I want to ask you just one past factor,” he requested. “Why should not we perform investigations into gangsters harassing common men and women, drug trafficking, voice phishing investigations, abuse of public business office investigations, and fake accusations?”

Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Democratic Party's emergency response committee, speaking at a meeting of the emergency response committee held at the National Assembly on the morning of the 12th.  2022.8.12 News 1

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▲ Woo Sang-ho, chairman of the Democratic Party’s unexpected emergency reaction committee, speaks at a assembly of the emergency reaction committee held at the National Assembly on the morning of the 12th. 2022.8.12 News 1

On the other hand, Chairman Cho Younger-sun, Minbyun, mentioned in a statement on the identical working day, “The Ministry of Justice is seeking to neutralize the legislative electricity of the National Assembly and entire the Prosecutor’s Republic by means of an unconstitutional enforcement decree following the establishment of the Police Division .” If we interpret economic crimes and financial crimes as illustrations of important crimes, all four crimes that were being eradicated apart from corruption and economic crimes can be reintroduced to the scope of immediate investigation by prosecutors as approved by the enforcement ordinance. It is achievable to develop the scope of the immediate investigation of the prosecutor endlessly by which include all other crimes.”

“It is an unconstitutional notion that not only goes straight against the intent of the legislative agency’s amendment to the Office environment of the Prosecutor Act, but also goes outside of the scope of the mandate by better guidelines by means of an arbitrary interpretation of the law with no logical coherence.” is to reorganize the purpose and organization of the prosecutor which was abnormally expanded to match the authentic job, and it is a reform endeavor that citizens and the times have requested for for a long time.”

Yonhap News” style=”padding: 0px margin: 0px”>Chairman Cho Young-sun, Minbyun Yonhap News

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▲ Chairman Cho Younger-solar, Minbyun
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In specific, Chairman Cho stated, “This is mysterious to a ‘new classification of forms of crimes’ which states that general public officers and drug crimes are included in all corruption crimes and economic crimes. The Ministry of Justice has even discovered the conceitedness of providing off the skill of appraisal companies and other investigative companies to answer to crimes devoid of any rational grounds, such as asserting that the

Chairman Cho explained, “The Ministry of Justice should really not facial area the development of reforming the age in the direction of normalizing inflated prosecutors with an enforcement decree that is beyond the scope of the legislation, but instead evaluate the issues of the prosecution that have been reveal in the earlier and react to the calls for of the moments for prosecution reform.” “The Ministry of Justice should quit promoting the reform bill promptly,” he demanded.

Reporter Kang Yoon-hyuk

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