Han Ga-in “As a child, the house where only cold water came out… I was jealous of the apartment” (Days Without Hands)

‘Hands Free Day’ Han Ga-in revealed regrets about her childhood.
JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Day Without Hands’ (directed by Kim Min-seok and Park Geun-hyung/writer Noh Jin-young) is a program featuring the life stories of citizens who dream of a new beginning in an unfamiliar place until they decided to do so. move A contemporary contemporary story about ‘moving on’ at the height of life, such as stretching out after marriage, independence for the first time in life, and family ups and downs. In the 9th episode, which airs today (20th), a memory shifting service for Daejeon’s clients who started voice acting late following their dreams is developed.

In a recent recording, Han Ga-in said, “I’m busy chasing my dreams, so at the age of 48, I’m still living alone in a one-room penthouse. The house is too small, so I have never invited anyone except my family and one close friend.” Ga-in Han said, “When I was young, I never invited friends to my house.”

Han Ga-in also remembered the mansion he lived in as a child. He said, “Before moving to Eunpyeong-gu, the mansion I lived in when I was very young was a house where only cold water came out and the brick boiler was moved.” Then, it is rumored that he brought out an anecdote from his childhood that was not enough, saying, “I was jealous of a friend’s apartment with hot water,” and made everyone around him feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, on this day, Han Ga-in said, “‘Going to someone’s house’ is like a special event,” and she is said to have expressed a special feeling about being the first guest in the client’s house. Furthermore, Han Ga-in shared warm sympathy with the client who was still challenging his dream, and sent sincere support for the future of the client who left the studio on the roof and found a new home.

Today (20th) JTBC’s ‘Day Without Hands’, a touching, low-sensation variety with citizens across the country, will be broadcast today (20th) at 8:50pm.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | Photo courtesy of JTBC

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