Han Hye-jin “I have no motivation to broadcast”… Kian84 “Someone who pays a few million won for a dinner party”

Capture of Kian84’s YouTube channel ‘Life 84’ video © News1

As for the reason why model and broadcaster Han Hye-jin turned down many program offers, she said, “I don’t have the motivation.”

On the 27th, a video titled ‘Han Hye-jin Sulturview’ was posted on Gian 84’s YouTube channel ‘Life 84’.

In the video released on this day, Gian 84 visited Han Hye-jin’s house and had a drink with a comfortable look like a best friend.

Then, Gian84, who was in charge of the content, said, “The person who pays the most for a dinner party is the number one person, and the person who complains while working is second.”

Han Hye-jin acknowledged her appearance by saying, “Isn’t he the number one complainer, why did he come down from the rankings?”

Then, Gian84 explained, “These days, aggressive hormones aren’t coming out.”

Also, Gian 84 said about Hyejin Han’s calculation of her dinner expenses, “I do the most calculations among people I’ve met in my life.” He said, “I pay for all the program dinners. There were times when I was trying to secretly pay off, but it ended up drying up so I couldn’t calculate it,” he recalled.

Hyejin Han revealed about her recent situation. He explained, “I do only one broadcast these days,” and “the women who hit the goal got off due to knee injuries.”

Regarding Han Hye-jin’s current situation, Gian 84 asked, “Why are you only doing one broadcast these days? Wasn’t she originally a broadcast ghost?”

Hyejin Han said, “I can’t start a program with that mindset because I don’t have the motivation to do it even when the show comes on. So I’m in a state where I’m having a lot of rejections.” “I told the CEO that Gian was going to come home to film on YouTube, and I said, ‘You’re XX. .

Gian84 said, “My sister, who rejected so many programs, appears on my show? This is actually something the CEO would be angry about. And sooner or later, my sister will regret it, saying, ‘Why didn’t the broadcast then appear and only appeared on such nutritious things?'” fell

Also, Hyejin Han said honestly, “I have only one principle. It’s fun when I go out or the people I go out to see are fun. If it’s one of these two, I’m going to leave.

Gian84, who heard this, said, “I think I’ll do well if my sister is in politics,” and Hyejin Han said, “I want to talk about politics. I entered the Blue House…” “Come on, let’s talk about something else,” he said, giving a smile.


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