Han Hye-jin, owner of 13.8 million Company B won a second car… I asked for a cut and bought it in 5 minutes [종합]

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Model Han Hye-jin (39) chose a truck as her second car.

On the 22nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin Han Hye-jin’ run by Han Hye-jin, ‘What is Han Hye-jin’s new car next to foreign cars? (Price revealed)’ posted.

In the released video, Han Hye-jin went to the used car market, saying, “I’ll go buy my second car.” Meanwhile, Han Hye-jin was using an expensive foreign car from company B as a luggage truck.

After arriving at the used car market, Han Hye-jin said to the used car dealer, “I’m going to look at the car. It’s cheap and good, but I came to see a truck with a little of keys.”

First, we looked at a 2017 70,000 km truck. The price is 13.8 million won. Han Hye-jin, who got on the truck, couldn’t hide her excitement, saying, “This is the first time I’ve been born.” “It’s very strange. First, the steering wheel is (too) under. Like a plate,” he said, “Honestly, the steering wheel is heated more than expected. I never thought the there would be such a thing.”

Han Hye-jin also carefully examined the outside of the truck. When he found the luggage compartment that was stiff, he even tried to negotiate, saying, “Why not? Boss, please reduce this.” However, after Han Hye-jin’s words ended, the luggage compartment, which was terribly stiff, went down as soon as the dealer’s hand touched it, drawing laughter.

The second car we looked at was a 2012 Bongo with 180,000 km, and the price was 7 million won. Han Hye-jin, who started the test drive, looked at the camera and said proudly, “You kill it?” However, on the way out, he collided with the door a little, and Han Hye-jin said, “I can’t feel it because the back is too long.”

Han Hye-jin, who also took a test drive of the 2017 70,000 km truck, expressed satisfaction with the steering wheel and steering wheel heating. He enjoyed the exciting test drive, saying, “This is a bit more stable.

Han Hye-jin decided to take some time to think. He said, “The second truck is definitely better. I believe it ended up with the heated steering wheel. “Explained.

Next, Han Hye-jin hurriedly signed the contract, saying, “I’m worried. The production team said, ‘Who decides which car to choose in 5 minutes?'” Han Hye-jin said, ” Why is that? It’s my money.” At the same time, he expressed his discomfort, saying, “How does it feel to buy something?”

Afterwards, Han Hye-jin met a dealer and bought a 2017 truck with 70,000 km. However, company B’s foreign car was used to leave the office. At the same time, Han Hye-jin said, “I think I’m going to be insulted by my mother. It’s a secret from my mother. Please borrow it.”

[사진 = 유튜브 채널 ‘한혜진 Han Hye Jin’ 영상 캡처]

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