Han Hye-jin, this is why I don’t get married

‘Love Intervention 3’ (Photo = broadcast screen capture)

Han Hye-jin was frustrated by the story of an unmarried, troubled 6-year-old girl.

On the 7th, KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Love Intervention’ depicted the story of a troubled unmarried woman who suddenly became pregnant while dating a man six years her junior.

The distressed woman insisted on not getting married and was advised to date only, but due to contraceptive failure, she had a child, and her boyfriend was delighted but continued to behave immaturely. Seo Jang-hoon was sad, saying, “There is no 100% perfect contraception,” and Kwak Jeong-eun also said, “Couples who have a relationship have that kind of fear. You have to get permission troubled parents. woman, and it must be a huge life event.” I knew that the troubled woman was unmarried from the beginning, and I tried to meet her only so far, but it would be a burden.”

The distressed woman returned home from heavy work while pregnant, and was shocked to see her boyfriend lying comfortably in the distressed woman’s house watching TV and eating snacks. The lover, who sensitively accepts the troubled woman’s words that he must change, poured out his resentment, saying, “Rather, because the situation has changed, it has changed.”

Joo Woo-jae, who saw this, took the side of the distressed woman, saying, “Of course he should change,” and Han Hye-jin said, “My boyfriend is a 27-year-old eunuch. He joined the army and he graduated from college, but honestly, he’s the age to sit in a hunting cart.” “, he said in frustration.

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