Han Hye-yeon’s nephew dragged a stroller to the road… put it right next to the crosswalk

Han Hye-yeon / Photo = Instagram

Stylist Han Hye-yeon, who returned after a year after the controversy over a back advertisement, bought a picture of herself pulling a stroller outside the sidewalk.

On the 30th, Han Hye-yeon wrote “Go go aunt” on her social networking service (SNS) and posted a picture. In the published photo, Han Hye-yeon is walking on the road while pushing a stroller carrying her niece with both hands.

Some netizens pointed out that Han Hye-yeon was walking on the road with a crosswalk in front of her nose.

When they saw people walking at the crosswalk across from Han Hye-yeon, it was presumed that they were crossing in line with the pedestrian signal. The photo has now been deleted.

Han Hye-yeon, a famous stylist and candid wit, was also active in broadcasting and exerted an influence no less than a celebrity. In particular, after the launch of the YouTube channel ‘Shuss TV’ in 2018, it was loved by introducing fashion tips, various props, items, and brands.

Han Hye-yeon has been running a broadcast recommending products she bought with her own money, using the coined word ‘My money (what I bought with my money)’. In addition, even though the video contains sponsorships or advertisements, it does not indicate a ‘paid advertisement’.

As the controversy over back advertising grew, Han Hye-yeon deleted all videos and stopped her YouTube activities. Han Hye-yeon, who returned after a year in August, said, “There were many things I missed and lacked because I only looked ahead, and there were many people who rebuked and worried, but it was difficult to stand in front of the babies again, but I had great courage.” said he would

Then he said, “I’m going to go back to the beginning and do my best to make Sususu TV,” he said.

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