Han Ji-min “I can post on the Internet… The male actor who tormented me” (Video)

Actor Han Ji-min, seeing his legendary meme, showed a strong reaction, causing laughter.

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On the 29th, on the magazine First Look’s YouTube channel, a video of Han Ji-min conducting an interview with a legendary meme shown in dramas and entertainment programs was posted.

Below YouTube, 1stLook

On this day, Han Ji-min appeared on tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day’ in the past, and while playing a board game with Lee Seo-jin, she saw a picture of being hit by a water bomb and reacted violently. In the interview video, he said, “Oh, what. Is it three meals a day? I remember it so much. I bought it with my own money, but I remember that all the energy of the universe went to my senior and I kept getting water by myself.” Then he explained, “I keep bowing my head so that I don’t get hit in the water. So I’m a little angry. It’s unfair.”

When I told him that there were many reactions that the two of them were excited about their chemistry after seeing the meme, he replied, “Which part? I’m laughing right now after taking the medicine. What part of the world are you excited about?” Han Ji-min even joked that Seo-jin Lee joked so much that she was able to post on the Internet as usual.

He provoked laughter by saying, “It wasn’t a joke since ‘Separation’. I can only post on the Internet that I was bullied (by Lee Seo-jin). I have so many grudges.”

Han Ji-min and Lee Seo-jin have been friends since they worked together in the 2008 MBC drama ‘Isan’. In 2017, Han Ji-min appeared as a guest on tvN’s ‘Three Meals a Day – Sea Ranch’ and showed off her brother and sister chemistry with Lee Seo-jin.

YouTube, tvN

Meanwhile, Han Ji-min appeared in the movie ‘Happy New Year’, which is being screened at the same time with Teabing.



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