Han Jong-hee “Creation of Samsung robot platform…M&A is underway bit by bit”

“M&A delayed due to recession… Will deliver results within the year”

(Seoul = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Soo-jin Yoo = Jong-hee Han, head (vice president) of Samsung Electronics’ DX division, said on the 21st, “Many engineers at Samsung Research are gathering to create the Samsung robot platform. “

Vice Chairman Han received a question about the robot business at the ‘BESPOKE Life’ new product launch media day held at ‘Community House Masil’ in Jung-gu, Seoul, and said, “Many things are being replaced by robots.” We intend to focus on finding new business and introducing products.”

Jong-Hee Han, Head of DX Division, Samsung Electronics (Vice Chairman)[연합인포맥스]

In this meeting, Vice Chairman Han explained, “We have robots as another new growth engine, and we are moving forward step by step.”

However, he avoided direct answers about the timing of the acquisition of Rainbow Robotics, which recently raised an additional stake to raise the stake to 14.99%.

Vice Chairman Han replied, “It’s a very security issue,” and “It’s being done bit by bit.”

He said, “Although time is delayed due to the recession this year, we will achieve good results in M&A,” he said.

In particular, he said, “We are open to everything,” leaving open the possibility of other M&As other than Rainbow Robotics.

Regarding the plan to apply ChatGPT, which has been popular around the world recently, on home appliances, he said, “It’s true that everyone is using it a lot, and the trend is right.”

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