Han Mun-cheol suddenly jumped out of the car that IU was driving… ‘Bongbyeon’ Story

Money Today Reporter Kim Seong-hui | 2023.04.02 17:15

/Photo = IU capture a YouTube video

Singer IU’s car was driven by lawyer Han Mun-cheol, who specializes in traffic accidents, and he almost suffered a ‘benefit catch’. Of course, it was a story in a setting made for April Fool’s Day (April 1).

On the 1st, IU posted on her YouTube channel ‘Driving… Isn’t it easy?’

IU started the video by sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. “Don’t misunderstand it as an April Fool’s joke,” he said, as if it were a real situation.

The main character is Han Moon-cheol, a lawyer. IU said, “My family watches the broadcasts of Lawyer Han Moon-chul.” A lawyer also listed IU’s hit songs and said “My theme song” while driving in a heartfelt mood.

/Photo = IU capture a YouTube video

But soon the mood changed. The lawyer held the handle as if he was uneasy, and continued to draw attention to driving, such as “Look ahead” and “What if I want to make an illegal U-turn?” A lawyer also said, “Where is this? I said I was going to Myeonmok-dong, but the road is different.” IU asked back, “Didn’t you say you were going to Mok-dong?”

IU honored a lawyer who was impatient, and with the window down, he looked at the car in front of him and said, “Hey there!”

A lawyer said, “I can’t do it, I’ll have to get off,” and suddenly he got off the running car and made the spectators nervous. In addition, IU also got off the running car and immediately created a situation.

The two people appear to be riding not on the actual road, but in a vehicle on an indoor driving range. They both waved at the camera and said, “Happy April Fool’s Day.”

/Photo = IU capture a YouTube video

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