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Han River’s missing college student 父 “A wound in the back of his dead son”… Police autograph investigation

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Son, a college student who fell asleep in the middle of the night at Banpo Hangang Park, disappeared, was found dead near Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul on the afternoon of the 30th, the sixth day of his disappearance. The photo shows a police officer working on an underwater search on the Banpo Han River. 2021.4.30/News1 © News1

Son Jung-min, who disappeared after falling asleep while drinking alcohol in Seoul Han River Park, is found dead, and the police begin to investigate Son’s death in earnest. At the time of his disappearance, he decided to request an autopsy from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation while searching for citizens nearby.

According to the police on the 1st, the Seocho Police Department in Seoul is conducting an investigation to uncover Mr. Son’s autograph by injecting a powerful team.

Currently, the police are investigating the personal information of a group of three men, three women, and three men, confirmed to have been near the site where Mr. Son drank with a friend. These could be the main witnesses who could reveal Son’s autograph.

Son was found in Banpo Hangang Park, the place of disappearance, around 3:50 pm the previous day (30th). A rescue dog from a civilian rescuer found a black object floating 20m in front of the Banpo Water Taxi platform, which was confirmed as a body. The police said they had identified Mr. Son based on his attire, such as a white, gray, and black patterned long-sleeved shirt and black pants. Son’s father, Son Hyun, asked the police for an autopsy to clarify his son’s signature. Son Hyun said, “Jungmin’s face was so clean and the same as before, but when I looked at the back of the head, there were about 3 very big cuts in several places.” It was a wound that was about the depth of two fingers and the skull was visible.”

He said, “I need to know when my son’s wound occurred and why it occurred,” he said. “I asked them to find and reveal people who were in that time zone.”

The Seoul Yongsan Police Station, which took over the case, announced that it had decided to autopsy Son’s body at the Seoul Institute for Scientific Investigation at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

Son, a first-year student at a medical school in Seoul, fell asleep after drinking alcohol with his friend A from around 11 pm on the 24th to the morning of the next morning, then disappeared.

Mr. A woke up at about 4:30 am on the 25th and went home alone, but it is known that he did not know whether there was a Son nearby. He said he thought Mr. Son had gone home first.

Mr. A accidentally returned home with his cell phone at the time, and he assumed that Mr. Son would own his cell phone. The location of Mr. A’s mobile phone was near the missing place, and it was reported that the connection was lost around 6:30 am on the day of the disappearance.

For six days after Son’s disappearance, the police analyzed the nearby closed circuit (CC) TV and mobilized drones, helicopters, and search dogs to search the missing place. The Han River Police Department even did a dive search to find Mr. Son this afternoon.

In the meantime, family and acquaintances have posted articles on social media and online communities saying that they are looking for Son. Banners were hung near the place of the disappearance, Han River Park, and the situation at the time of the disappearance, and thousands of leaflets were distributed to nearby apartment complexes.

(Seoul = News 1)

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