Han Ye-ri met her son in the United States! Mother and son reunion ‘Minari’ (‘Korean food table’)

[스포츠조선 이유나 기자]The food service corps went to war against the Neverending firepower and captured the hearts of viewers.

In JTBC’s ‘Korea Food Plate’, broadcast yesterday (3rd), stir-fried chicken soup was successfully served with the center of chef Lee Yeon-bok, but as a result of a satisfaction survey, the corps failed meal service with the gold badge only. 2 votes, creating an upset. Following that, the exciting K-meal spread continued as the young actor Alan Kim, who played an active role in the film ‘Minari’, asked for a special request for a ‘Korean Food Plate’.

On this day, the Dakbokkeumtang main menu, which was quickly changed from Dakbaeksuk, showed no signs of boiling even after an hour of heating. In response, chef Lee Yeon-bok activated ‘Yeonbok Magic’ and used several pots to dramatically revive the stir-fried chicken soup and sing applause. Chef Lee Yeon-bok boosted the morale of the members who must have been nervous, saying, “Now we are making a miracle,” after tasting the stir-fried chicken soup.

The amazing sight did not end here. Students flocked like clouds to cheer on chef Lee Yeon-bok, who is famous for being close friends with BTS Jin. The students responded enthusiastically to the K school lunch as much as they were enthusiastic about the meal service corps. He fell in love with the sweet and spicy stir-fried chicken soup, picked it up with his hands and ate it, as well as rubbing the rice into the soup, revealing his ‘delicious’ side ‘ and caused a smile.

Osaeksanjeok, which has various colors and rich flavors, has also emerged as a menu for filial piety. The client’s fellow teacher admired, “I’ve never eaten this kind of food before,” and the unfamiliar ingredient, pickled radish, unexpectedly delighted the taste buds of many. In particular, the fact that fresh meals were provided every day in Korea made American students jealous.

Unfortunately, the food service corps, which did its best in the ‘Emergency Day Mission’, failed the mission as it fell short of 1% of the target satisfaction. However, as the teamwork overcame the menu change situation, the teamwork was upgraded, and the members consoled each other with laughter, saying that they would never forget this mission.

Their next journey started with a cute letter from Alan Kim, who worked with Han Ye-ri in the movie ‘Minari’. The situation where Alan Kim asked for a request to tell his friends at the Taekwondo school about the flavor of K-meal. In order to provide a proper meal, he added interest in what else is waiting in the new mission of inviting a Korean restaurant.

On the other hand, while the cooking of gangjeong and tteokbokki chicken was going smoothly, trouble came from an unexpected place. Last time, weak firepower was a hindrance, but this time, strong firepower became a problem. Heo Kyung-hwan, who was in charge of hot dogs, tried to deep fry the hot dogs as advised by chef Lee Yeon-bok. However, despite the sincerity to save the hot dog, a situation occurred where the chips separated and the cheese burst.

The 12th episode of JTBC’s ‘Korean Food Plate’, which is curious whether the emergency hot dog will be able to find its true form despite the help fire of chefs Lee Yeon-bok and Austin Kang, and whether the dish will Alan Kim was expecting it. completed safely (Saturday) It is broadcast at 7:10pm.


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