Hana I&S develops two iPhone applications

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — Hana I&S (www.hanains.com), an IT service company affiliated with Hana Financial Group, started developing smartphone applications. Two iPhone applications, ‘Contacts Group Master’ and ‘Financial Glossary’, are representative works.

‘Contact Group Master’ is an application that enables group management of contacts on iPhone, and is popular with iPhone users, ranking first in the free utility field within 3 days of registration in the Apple App Store.

The contact group master application provides various functions related to group management such as multi-group setting, movement between groups, and support for initial search, and also provides a function to write, store, and transmit frequently used SMS phrases using various emoticons.

In addition, Hana I&S and Hana Financial Management Research Institute jointly plan, develop and present the ‘Financial Terminology Dictionary’ application to provide easy access to financial terms and related economic terms used in the financial sector such as banking, securities, and insurance anytime, anywhere. It is an application developed for iPhone.

This application makes the contents of ‘Hana Financial Terminology 1000’ published by Hana Financial Management Research Institute for employees of Hana Financial Group available to the general public in real time through smartphones, including favorites, popular search terms, search history, etc. With various search functions and a function to send an e-mail to an administrator when there is no term to find, it has the expandability to demonstrate the ‘collective intelligence’ of users.

The financial glossary application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store in May.

Meanwhile, Hana I&S plans to develop a mobile sales support system that goes well with the characteristics of smartphones in the future, and plans to actively develop applications for building a mobile office environment.

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