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“Hanasaki or Sakuna”, the content of “Amaho no Sakunahime”, has undergone a major renewal. Applicable to the product version at Appde –AUTOMATON

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On October 14th, the domestic game circle Edelweiss Naru said, “Amaho’s Sakunahime“Hanasaki or Sakuna” has been announced to be significantly renewed. First of all, “Amaho no Sakunahime” and “Amaho no Sakunahime Hanasaki or Sakuna vs. Metal Aphid”, which only records the same mode, will be distributed in advance at “Amaho no Sakunahime” and the US-only event “Komeketto 2”. .. It is said that it will be applied in a later update for the commercial version of “Amaho no Sakunahime”.

“Hanasaki or Sakuna” is a mini game that you can play in the main part of “Amaho’s Sakunahime”. A mini-game in which you defeat Aphid, who is a tree, in order to protect the “creative tree” that produces valuable resources. It is a so-called tower defense format, and it is a content that hunts aphids who approach the tree toward the center or attack the tree in a wave format. Use Sakuna’s dynamic actions to keep defeating your enemies. Even in the story, you will protect the creation tree, and once you play it, you can challenge it arbitrarily after that. Rewards are also available according to how well you are doing.

In “Amaho’s Sakunahime Hanasaki or Sakuna vs. Metal Aphid”, such “Hanasaki or Sakuna” will come back with more power. As a new element, the game itself will be made higher tempo, and various adjustments will be made. In addition, as a new species of aphid, metal aphid has appeared. There seem to be several types, and when Giant Aphid hits an enemy, the enemy bounces off. When the rainbow aphid is blown off, it explodes flashy at the point where it was blown off. Angel Aphid rushes into fever time when defeated. The score multiplier will continue to increase, making it easier for enemies to explode. Both enemies have the effect of being advantageous to the player, giving a glimpse of the aim of enhancing the player’s exhilaration.

“Hanasaki or Sakuna” was a battleground where many enemies could be beanbags at once. Unique strategies have been devised, such as the strength of upward attacks, but with the balance adjustment and the appearance of new aphids, it may be necessary to review such strategies. In any case, there will be more opportunities to enjoy the exhilarating action of “Amaho no Sakunahime”. In addition, “Amaho no Sakunahime Hanasaki or Sakuna vs. Metal Aphid” distributed in Komeketto 2 will come with a viewer mode that allows you to look around all the characters of “Amaho no Sakunahime”. This seems to be event-only content. You can wait for the retail version to be updated, or buy the predecessor version at Comecket II.

Comeket 2 is scheduled to be held on October 17th (Sun) at the 5th floor north of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchokan in Minato-ku, Tokyo. “Hanasaki or Sakuna vs. Metal Aphid” will be implemented in “Amaho’s Sakunahime” in a later update. “Amaho no Sakunahime” is scheduled to be released as a low-priced package version for PS4 / Nintendo Switch in December.

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