“Hand and foot labor is something that only Africans do”… Yoon Seok-yeol’s Labor Remarks Controversy Every Day

picture explanationSeok-Yeol Yoon (preliminary candidate) [이충우 기자]

Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is in a controversy every day for his ‘false words’ related to labor. It was intended to convey the voices of the field, such as game development startups, but it started as a controversial statement in an interview with the Maeil Economic Daily in July of ‘120 hours a week’. In a recent visit to Andong and meeting with college students, he even remarked, “I don’t even do hand and foot labor. That’s what Africa does”, “If there is no big difference in wages, what does it mean to be a non-regular or regular worker?” It is a situation that is being pointed out even within the party that there is a problem in the perception of labor.

In the process of meeting with college students in Andong on the 13th and saying, “We need to change the wage system from a seniority system to a job-based system,” former President Yoon said, “If there is no big difference in wages, would non-regular workers and regular workers have a big meaning?” did. This is the point where critics say that they do not understand the thoughts of those who view job security as an important factor as much as wages when choosing a job.

There were also disparaging remarks about simple physical work. Former President Yoon said, “As a business, it makes a living with technology that is internationally competitive.” unfolded Although the purpose itself is to foster an industry with high added value by focusing on technology rather than labor-intensive industries, criticism is strong that it not only demeans people who make a living with the ‘hands and feet labor’ he describes, but also contains contempt for other countries.

There were also remarks that made the humanities majors go crazy. Former President Yoon said, “Engineering and natural science fields are good for getting a job and they are very necessary to find a job.” “In today’s world, you can study the humanities while studying. will,” he also said.

Criticism of these remarks is strong both inside and outside the party. Yoo Seung-min, a former member of the People’s Power, who is competing with former President Yoon for the presidency, said, “After hearing that ‘We don’t even do hand and foot labor. It’s something we do in Africa’, the last remark of ‘120 hours a week’ was not just a mistake. “I thought it was,” he pointed out, saying, “The remarks of India and Africa are disrespectful without any basic diplomatic common sense.” He continued, “Today, many people living with hand and foot labor should go to Africa as the former President Yoon said. What are your thoughts on the tragedy of Kim, who died while fixing the screen door with his hands and feet at Guui Station, and Lee, who died while cleaning up container garbage with his hands and feet at Pyeongtaek Port? did you have it?” he asked.

Yoo also said, “What is the logic of saying, ‘The humanities do not need to study for four years of college or graduate school’?” “Ex-president Yoon is from law school. There is no need to…” he pointed out. He said, “There is no law that an innovative entrepreneur must have graduated from an engineering school. Steve Jobs wasn’t even a graduate of engineering college.” It’s also not easy to understand.”

Hong Joon-pyo, a member of People’s Strength, criticized former President Yoon by posting a photo on his Facebook page containing a tweet from Professor Kevin Gray, who studies Korean Peninsula politics at the University of Sussex, UK, without any explanation. Professor Gray said, “Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon showed a surprising contempt for the Korean working class by telling college students that ‘manual labor is only done in places like Africa.’ written in English.

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