Handheld online referee Will Will Heffner says he has switched after the scholarship was not renewed Boise State Football Cover

BOISE – A former Handheld online referee, Will Heffner, said his decision to move to CSU-Pueblo for his final season was just a result of a single scholarship for one season with the Broncos.

Heffner came to Boise State as a walk, but was awarded a one-year scholarship before his 2017 sophomore relay season. The scholarship agreement he signed for was only for the 2017-2018 school year.

Despite feeling that he had done enough to stay on a scholarship, he was informed before the 2018 season that his scholarship would not be renewed. Former Bishop Kelly then played an award in every falling game before he decided after the season that he wanted to finish his career elsewhere.

“I think the whole year was like me, dang, I earned this scholarship and then I pulled it without any reason,” Heffner said. “I was on the All-Eastern Western academic team, I was doing what I had to do and then they take it. I was impressed by this and many of the family members said that they were supporting me if I had a different direction in the past year. ”

Boise State challenges the “drawn” word as the Heffner scholarship agreement clearly signed it only one year. The Coach Bryan Harsin told the Idaho Press that all the parties involved knew that it would only be put on a scholarship for one season.

“I'm sorry that it feels like that but I think we were very specific and the scholarship papers say exactly what the timeframe is,” Harsin said. “There is no gray area for the time frame of the scholarship. Three sign it and not only is it on paper but it is also specifically mentioned exactly what it will be.

“Will loved it. It was good for us, it was very hard for us, and he decided not to play here anymore and that's what he came down on. I hope it will do well there. ”

The 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker was seen in 19 games in the last three seasons for the Broncos and made two fronts. He played on special teams mostly but he saw some action at linebacker in back-line and in short-court situations. He had seven dealings, including tackling loss.

Heffner's dad Terry was playing at Boise State from 1987-1990 and his grandfather Ron Heffner played for coach Lyle Smith. His uncle Chuck Pagano, who is now the defense coordinator for Chicago Bears, built backlights at Boise State for two seasons in 1987 and 1988.

Heffner said that he had many memories of his time at Boise State, including when he was told that he had been awarded a scholarship for the 2017 season.

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“This is probably the most exciting part of my college life,” Heffner said. “I was going on and I managed to offer three at FCS to walk up and continue to defend my dad in Boise and to walk on that scholarship and earn the scholarship because I worked for two years . ”

Heffner said that he understood that the terms of scholarship were for one season when he signed them but that he had an opportunity to keep it going. He also said he was disappointed to discover that it would not be renewed when his scholarship check did not arrive last August. He then asked him, and Harsin told him in a few days later meeting that the scholarship was needed for someone else, Heffner said.

The Boise State retains the deal but because they had an additional scholarship for that season, and the year arrangement was clear.

“We have two options, we can give one (walk on) or let it sit there and let some young men benefit from our university being able to pay for their school,” Harsin said. . “I like being in your walk before and trying to care for people and not letting someone sit in the bank when someone can use it for that year.

“I love Will, I loved his efforts and everything he gave us and I'm sorry that he feels like that.” T

Heffner said “it is likely that Boise State would still be completing my career there” if the story is not addressed in the way he did, but he said that he welcomed the opportunity to spend more time at CSU-Pueblo both. final season.

While he acknowledged disappointment in the way things went, Heffner said that the family will continue to pull for the Broncos. He will have a graduate from Boise State in May.

“Many people don't know it happened and I wanted it to be known (why he left),” Heffner said. “But I'm Bronco and I've always got Bronco. I love Boise State. ”

Heffner is one of three backups who have left eligibility to leave the program from the end of last year. Desmond Williams elected Tyson Maeva to transfer and break the team.


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