Handsome, miss “Pope Thanawat” is back. He disappeared for 2 years. Still cute as usual. No change.

disappeared for up to 2 full years, both on the television screen including on social media Until the fans, fans of the drama are looking for when the superstar, nicknamed the ten thousand brothers. Pope-Thanawat Wattanaphut There will be a moment for the media to show off the handsomeness to disappear.

Until recently at the launch press conference Buppesanniwat 2 movie of the year Pope Thanawat As the protagonist of the story has come out to meet with the fans and the media for the first time which he did not miss to update news about himself in the past both personal love story including rumors inviting Jin like that Just got a couple of heroines Bella Ranee Go on a chill trip in Ayutthaya all of which Pope Thanawat has clarified that…

“We haven’t seen each other, probably almost 2 years, uh… Actually, since there was a covid, I didn’t even leave the event. But the atmosphere is still the same (smiles). Asked me what I’ve been doing in the past 2 years, mainly and staying at home. During the covid epidemic, I didn’t go anywhere. Until when I was able to return to work, I started shooting dramas.”

We know that fans are looking for us a lot, right?
“To say I’m at home is that I’m not really going anywhere. Maybe go out and play some golf. go to the gym But it didn’t do anything that was a real piece of work. Social media There are some looks as well. Whenever I post a picture, fans will come and comment like ‘here, come’, something like that, which is funny.”

Impressed or not, even though I haven’t been to the event for 2 years, but the welcome from the fans is still warm ?
“Happy Glad he’s still waiting and he still wants to see us (smiles).”

Pope Thanawat

Have we ever had an idea that when we were free? Going into the forest to do what you want to do?
“I didn’t think I would go that much. But there are some that go with the house. Go get some peace of mind. Go train your mind to be strong (smiles)”

We said we weren’t going anywhere. But before, there were rumors that we just went to Ayutthaya with Bella Ranee?
“Ayutthaya didn’t go. To be honest, I didn’t know this news. and haven’t been to Ayutthaya for a long time Didn’t go anywhere with Belle either. We only meet at the platoon.”

When there are rumors like this coming out, the fans that he jinxed the two of us He felt like he was excited?
“Fans also like it because the drama is so touching (smiles).”

Pope Thanawat

Is it because Bella is single too? Thus causing the cheering trend to come back again?
“It’s good to cheer (laughs) but Belle and I are really brothers. I know about the single sister. It’s big news, big news. But I didn’t interfere in Belle’s personal affairs at all. Well, I really think that Bale is a younger brother. I’ve known Belle for 6-7 years. It feels like a sibling. But the future I don’t know.”

Bella is single, are you single?
“Single, single (smile)”

2 years of rest, didn’t we open our hearts to love at all?
“Open your mind, but I can’t find it. Because everyone is at home (laughs).”

Is there someone who catches your eye? The person that we have in mind?
“It has to exist (embarrassed), but I don’t think to flirt. I just like it. There must be someone who we think is cute.”

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