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Hangzhou fans start staying up late, the winter World Cup starts and the takeaway coffee and snacks increase by more than 40%

Hangzhou Daily News “I equipped my home with a projector, speakers, draft beer mugs, and watched the opening game with my brothers.” “There are a lot of people coming to watch the game at home tonight, and I ordered takeaway hot pot, beer, and hairy crabs. Everyone during the World Cup What are you going to eat on after watching the football?” At 22:30 on 20 November, Beijing time, the long-awaited World Cup in Qatar finally started. On social platforms, many fans posted their “viewing configuration”.

Judging by the distribution of the fans and related consumption trends, the World Cup in Qatar, held for the first time in the winter, has shown a consumption enthusiasm that is not inferior to that in the summer. Affected by factors such as the seasons, most fans tend to invite relatives and friends to “watch football at home”, which also drives the growth of various peripheral consumption.

The reporter learned from Meituan that many takeaway and catering merchants on the platform launched a “World Cup Package” on the night before the start of the game, including beer, barbecue, etc., bringing strong “fireworks” to the fans he gathered. together to watch the game. Meituan data shows that in the week before the start of the World Cup, the merchants who launched dishes and packages related to the World Cup have doubled compared to last week, and the average daily sales growth rate of packages associated with the World Cup has increased significantly.

At the same time, according to data from Ele.me, three days before the start of the game, the order for takeaway drinks during the evening snack time has increased by 30% month after month, and warming Chinese football fans foot has started. The arrival of the World Cup will also fuel the general heat of the winter night snack economy. Ordering before the game, buying and getting, and immediate enjoyment has become the new consumption trend of this World Cup.

Beer fried chicken has become a “good friend” for game watchers

The popularity of Hangzhou’s “football watching restaurant” is among the top in the country

Make an appointment at a restaurant with three or five friends, and cheer on your favorite team while enjoying delicious food. According to data from Dianping, three weeks before the start of the game, netizens have already started to search and order World Cup restaurants. In the past 7 days, the search volume of keywords such as “World Cup restaurants and football restaurants ” increased by 556% week on week. Among them, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Changsha have become the top cities in demand for “restaurant viewing” for this year’s World Cup.

Meituan’s data shows that hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, western food bars and other restaurants with a sense of atmosphere for watching games are all popular choices for “football watching restaurant”. In terms of meals, beer-fried chicken is expected to replace the “net famous” crayfish in the summer games as a companion for watching the winter games. Three days before the start of the game, sales of related packages increased more than 357 % year on year.

Under strong consumer demand, the supply of World Cup-themed packages is in short supply. According to Meituan data, in the past 7 days, Hangzhou’s World Cup-related catering shops on the platform have increased by 53% week-on-week, and online orders for related themed dinner set meals increased by 57%. Many catering traders believe that this year’s World Cup matches will cover from 6:00 pm In stimulating the vitality of consumption “football watching restaurant”, the shop will have a definite operating gain.

Best Selling World Cup Peripherals

Instant retail links “home” and “physical consumption”

“I used to like going to barbecue stands and bars to watch football. This year’s World Cup is in winter. I think it’s good to watch football at home. It’s warm and comfortable.” Mr. Wang in Hangzhou is a senior football fan. He invited several friends to watch the World Cup at home, the opening ceremony and the opener of the night.

According to data from Meituan, on the opening day of the World Cup, hot pot was a new force, and the number of orders for takeaway electric hot pot also increased by 160% compared to the same period last year. “Eating hot pot and watching football matches” has become a new consumption trend of the Winter World Cup.

Although the weather is cold and fans stay at home, the World Cup still brings a new growth in physical consumption. During the stay at home, fans chose to buy jerseys, mascots, and even “World Cup-themed decorations” and other viewing supplies from nearby physical stores through takeaway and other methods.

Meituan data shows that sales of draft beer mugs on the platform three days before the start of the World Cup increased by 208% compared to the same period last year, sales of corkscrews increased by 310%, and sales of shirts increased by 250%. Takeaways that sell these items are often small physical stores such as small supermarkets and community convenience stores.

Mr Li, the owner of a convenience store in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, said beer mugs usually sell well for takeaways, and they sell even better when the season approaches. Most fans like to watch football while drinking beer. “Recently, customers are buying small items in sets. , For example, customers who bought draft beer mugs usually bought a bottle opener with them, and many customers also bought blankets and electric heaters, and it increased the number of orders to varying degrees.”

The data from Ele.me also shows that during the dinner time period (20:00-04:00), orders for drinks and beverages have increased by 30% month on month, and fruit and snacks have increased more than 20. % Hangzhou lobster barbecue, Western-style fast food snacks and other dinners ” The month-on-month growth of the “Internet famous single product” has exceeded 20%. The category with the largest increase is the ” a must have for staying up “late” takeaway coffee, and the sales volume on the Ele.me platform has directly increased by more than 40%.

It is reported that in order to ensure that fans and friends receive meals on time, Ele.me has launched a series of delivery guarantee services. At present, the capacity of all weather and 24-hour scenario has been achieved, and fans and friends can place orders at any time. At the same time, Ele.me also provides a value-added service of “slowness must be compensated” If the actual delivery time is more than the latest estimated delivery time, users will receive a red envelope compensation from the platform. If you don’t want to delay the game because of the pick up time, users can also order early through the “pre-order”, and the rider will be delivered before, after the game or during the break.

“This year’s World Cup, home consumption will come in the mainstream form. Therefore, physical stores seize retail immediately to seize the very important opportunity of the World Cup consumption boom. “A consumer industry analyst said, with the growing demand for “everything at home within 30 minutes”, It is becoming more and more prosperous, and “buying everything with takeout” will gradually move from a temporary crisis to everyday life. Relying on the real-time retail format of local offline physical stores will bring more consumers. convenient and richer usage experience.

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