Hangzhou Hosting the 19th Asian Games: A Spectacular Opening Ceremony Marks the Start of the Celebration

Hangzhou: The Sports Capital of Asia Kicks off the 19th Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games commenced in Hangzhou, China’s digital city, marking the beginning of a grand sporting event. The opening ceremony took place at the Big Lotus Stadium at the Olympic Sports Centre, attracting people from various parts of the world. Through a captivating blend of technology and art, China presented an extraordinary visual spectacle that showcased the nation’s rich history, cultural traditions, and remarkable development to a global audience. The honorable Chinese President Xi Jinping officially declared the Games open, followed by raising the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia, in the presence of approximately half a million attendees, including official representatives from numerous countries.

Digital Torch Lighting Enthralls Spectators

Utilizing the innovative Smart Hangzhou 2022 digital platform, the torch bearers brought a unique component to the ceremony by lighting the main torch tower digitally. This mesmerizing display exemplified the fusion of technology and tradition, symbolizing the spirit of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games.

Promising Prospects for Indian Athletes

The 19th Asian Games is witnessing the participation of 12,417 athletes from 45 countries, making it the largest-ever sports event in the history of the Asian Games. A staggering 481 medal events will be held across 56 venues, presenting an opportunity for athletes to showcase their talents. Notably, North Korea is making a comeback to the international competition stage after a four-year hiatus.

India has sent its largest contingent in history, consisting of 655 athletes. The spotlight is on the athletics team, which secured an impressive tally of 20 medals, including 8 gold, at the previous Asian Games in Jakarta. With a formidable squad of 68 players, India is also pinning its hopes on wrestling, shooting, and boxing to contribute significantly to the medal count.


Inaugurating the Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou has set the stage for an incredible celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship. The city’s remarkable blend of technology, art, and grandeur has created an unforgettable opening ceremony. As the Games progress, athletes from across Asia will strive to etch their names in history through extraordinary performances, ensuring an enthralling competition for spectators worldwide.

Hangzhou: The sports capital of Asia is getting off to a good start in Hangzhou, China’s digital city. The 19th Asian Games was kicked off at 5.30 pm Indian time at the Big Lotus Stadium at the Olympic Sports Centre. People from different parts of the world came together more or less to celebrate Dipanal. Combining technology and art, China has prepared an opening ceremony that showcases the country’s history, tradition and development to the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the opening of the fair. He then raised the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia. About half a lakh people including official representatives of various countries witnessed the inauguration ceremony.

Digital torch bearers on the Smart Hangzhou 2022 digital platform help light the main torch tower of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. X platform_@19thAGofficial

Men’s hockey team captain Harmanpreet Singh and women’s boxer Lovelina Borgohain carried the Indian flag in the last parade.

From the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games. Photo by Ishara S. KODIKARA / AFP

12417 athletes from 45 countries are competing in this year’s Games. This is a record in the Asian Games. There are 481 medal events across 56 venues. North Korea returns to the international competition stage after four years.

With 655 athletes, India is the largest contingent in history. This time also the main hope is athletics who won 20 medals including 8 gold in Jakarta. There are 68 players in the athletics team. Wrestling, shooting and boxing are the other sports where India expects more medals.

English Summary: Asian Games 2022 Started in Hangzhou

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