Hanhae “Girlfriend? You can’t meet for lunch or dinner” (remembering a breakup)

[OSEN=김보라 기자] Hanhae talks about her boyfriend’s ‘love’.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment show ‘Can a breakup be reminded?’, which will be broadcast on the 20th, the story of the man who is recalled will be revealed under the theme of ‘matching love ‘. Rapper Hanhae and Jaeyun of group SF9 team up as daily memory planners.

Recall Nam, who appears on this day, recalls his relationship with X, whom he met for about three years when he was a college student. Recall Nam fell in love with X, who was a popular girl with an active dash. However, Recall is gradually getting tired of X-friendly dating, like places to date and food to eat.

While the sadness in Recall Nam’s heart was piling up, the two had a big argument over a male friend X. Recall Nam came to know very late that X’s “friend he was trying to meet alone” was a man. However, X said, “I was just trying to have lunch with a school friend,” and said he didn’t understand Recall Nam’s anger at all.

In response, Gree asked, “Is it okay to meet even though it’s lunchtime?” Hanhae drew the line, saying, “The two of you shouldn’t meet for lunch or dinner.” SF9 Jaeyoon also raised his voice, saying, “Both of us can’t even go out to eat soup.” In response, Yang Se-hyeong added, “I can’t even eat a Pikachu pork cutlet with the two of us,” causing laughter.

However, it appears that only once during the three-year period of dating did the issue of male friend X, whose response the recalling man sensitively, made the recall planners tilt their heads. Also, Nam’s ‘problem XX’ that came out of X’s mouth was a shock to all the recall planners.

What kind of story was in the breakup between Recall Nam and X can be seen on the KBS 2TV program ‘Can a breakup be reminded?’, which is broadcast at 8:30pm on the 20th.

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