Hannam-dong GD’s neighbor Kim Woo-ri, ‘Proud of 2.5 million won tree money’ pointed out malicious comments… “It’s twisted”

Stylist Kim Woo-ri Instagram capture © News 1

While famous stylist Kim Woo-ri installed a 2.5 million won Christmas tree on her own for the apartment residents, she responded coolly to malicious comments saying, “bragging about your money, rather donate it.”

On the 30th of last month, Kim Woo-ri posted a video of installing a tree he purchased through his SNS.

Kim Woo-ri said, “For the residents of our apartment, I went back and forth three times from the express terminal to the flower market on the 3rd floor, and I did my best to make a Christmas tree according to my sensibility, from the tree that fits the height of the entrance to the apartment, the ornaments used on the tree, and various decorations and ribbons. “He informed the truth.

He continued, “Actually, I wanted to put a lot of shiny light bulbs on the tree, but I ended up decorating the head only with batteries for fear of causing problems with the apartment residents’ maintenance fees. Rather, it is not noisy, but looks luxurious and pretty.”

He also said, “I thought a few times whether to buy a tree sold as a finished product, but the tree sold in the store was expensive and cheap, so there was no decoration tree with the emotion I wanted.”

He added, “Still, the residents come and go, and even if they feel annoyed, see the pretty tree and feel good.

Stylist Kim Woo-ri Instagram capture © News 1

Earlier, Kim Woo-ri said, “Every time I went to the front door of our apartment, which was always quiet every winter, I shouted at the Christmas tree to be happier this winter.”

In the midst of this, one netizen commented, “I’m proud of my money. I’d rather donate it to the cold,” and Kim Woo-ri said, “Your heart is very twisted. It hurts only you~ I think you’ll be happier if you use your heart prettily~ And this is money. It’s not pride, it’s heart pride.”

Meanwhile, stylist and broadcaster Kim Woo-ri is currently living in Nine-One Hannam, a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong, Seoul. It is known that G-Dragon of Big Bang, RM and Jimin of BTS, and singer Yoon-Jeong Jang and his wife live in the apartment.

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