Hanshin Umeno remains without exercising FA rights “I want to win this team. I want to pull” | Full-Count

I had acquired domestic FA rights this season

Hanshin Tigers announced on the 3rd that catcher Ryutaro Umeno will remain without exercising the domestic FA rights acquired this season.

Through the baseball team, Umeno said, “I missed the championship a little later this year and I really regret that I want to win this team. That was the best feeling. The current team is a young team, and I will definitely do it. I’m going to get stronger and I want to pull the Tigers. I really want to play baseball with this member and I want to win with everyone, so I decided to stay. ” Explained.

Joined in 2013 in 4th place in the draft. The key to the fan, who has been wearing a mask since he was a newcomer and has supported the team, is, “I had a lot of time to think about it, and while I had a lot of talk from the Hanshin Tigers, I thought about it myself. It took me a while to conclude, but now I just think that I will definitely win this team. I received the voices and thoughts of the Tigers fans and helped me make my own decision. I want to share the joy with everyone on this team and the Tigers fans next year. “

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