Hanuman extraordinaire “Pao Kranuan”, a big drug dealer, repeatedly clashed with his relatives, punching the police in their faces.

The amazing Hanuman “Pao Kranuan”, a big drug dealer, using an M16, shot the police to break through the siege. Repeated reunion after relatives come to see the body Have an argument with the police to the point of a fight

(December 7, 2022) CCTV footage can record the second Mr. Anon, aged 27, or Pao Kranuan, was charged under an arrest warrant for drugs and assaulting an officer in the execution of his duties. He drove a red Isuzu MU-X utility vehicle, registration number 126, Phetchaburi, driving through the police cordon. From the destination near Khao Suan Kwang Municipal Fresh Market by Mr. Pao with his wife Fired several shots to open a way to escape. causing the villagers to run away from the bullets The police then followed closely behind the car. Reached the road in front of Wat Khao Noi, Ban Khok Sawang, Kham Muang Sub-district before being hit by the police.

After the incident, the police came to investigate and found Mr. Pao holding an M16 firearm by his side and Mr Pao’s girlfriend. shot injured Officers rushed to take him to Khao Suan Kwang Hospital. After the incident, the police tested evidence 4 of the investigation and found many firearms. with lots of ammunition The interior of the car is kept as evidence. The Maj Gen revealed. Noppakao Somanat, head of the Khon Kaen Provincial Police, that the Hanuman police series and a police operation have learned that Mr. Pao has moved in the area Then he learned that Mr. Pao has come to rent a resort in Khao Suan Kwang District. therefore intending to surround and arrest But in the end, Mr. A shootout ensued before being shot by police.

On the side of Mr. Supap, 46 years old, uncle of Mr. Anon He said with blood in his face, After myself and my relatives He learned that his nephew had been killed by an extraordinary policeman. So he traveled from Ban Namul, Doonsat Subdistrict, Kranuan District, Khon Kaen Province to see his nephew’s body. and a granddaughter-in-law who was shot and wounded in the head who was sitting and waiting in front of the temple until sunset Then they walked together to where the body of the nephew was. to ask to see the grandchildren’s body But while they were standing together There was a plainclothes police officer with long hair coming to say that sarcastically Relatives sympathize with helping grandchildren. make yourself and your relatives dissatisfied In his anger, he punched a police officer and a skirmish ensued. and me with relatives being taken out by the police

Narongsak, the owner of building materials shop Samran Khao Suan Kwang Municipal Market while he finished cutting his hair When entering the shop, several shots were heard coming from the destination. Some of the staff went out to see But when he saw a red pick-up truck enter the lane next to the shop, the tires were slashed, all 4 sides were slashed, so he ordered the staff in the shop to find a place to hide. fear of getting lost When the car passed, he came out to see if anyone was ok, everyone was safe and came to check the closed circuit. The car was found spewing black smoke. got away with all 4 flat tires at first thinking a movie was being filmed

Mr Boriboon, 49 years old, a fruit shop called Janjira Durian House Located opposite Amin Resort before the incident saw a commando police officer. Many people are fully armed. to block the entrance to the destination The nearby gold shop was ordered to close shop. Several gunshots were then heard coming from inside. After a while, he saw a red pickup truck run into the front fence. Accompanied by the sound of gunfire following behind him. He saw a bad gesture and ran to the back of the shop. before all the police went after him after the incident had calmed down The police have informed Mr.’s relatives. Anon the body will be taken for autopsy. Srinakarin Hospital, Khon Kaen, followed the steps of the relatives who came and left the scene immediately.


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