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Hanwha Group and Wonik to expand ammonia-based hydrogen business

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Hanwha and Wonik will cooperate in the ammonia-based hydrogen business.


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According to Hanwha on the 11th, Hanwha Corporation and Hanwha Impact signed an MOU with Wonik Materials and Wonik Holdings at the Hanwha Building in Janggyo-dong, Seoul on the 8th to cooperate in the production and supply of ammonia-based hydrogen.

Ammonia is attracting attention as a means of storing and transporting hydrogen because it has a higher density of storing hydrogen per volume than liquid hydrogen. Another advantage is that it can utilize the existing liquefied ammonia transport infrastructure as it is.

The four companies will first jointly develop a system that can produce hydrogen by decomposing (cracking) ammonia, and will work together to build a large-scale hydrogen production and supply facility in the future.

Hanwha Group has recently selected hydrogen as its future food and is expanding its hydrogen business throughout the group. Based on its long experience of handling ammonia, Hanwha Global Co., Ltd. plans to procure and decompose clean ammonia produced overseas, and then promote the business of supplying clean hydrogen to Korea.

Hanwha Impact acquired PSM of the United States and Thomassen Energy of the Netherlands, which are leading the global hydrogen gas turbine field, and secured the original technology for converting LNG gas turbines to hydrogen gas turbines. Started a hydrogen hybrid-fired power plant project.

Wonik Materials, in partnership with Hanwha, is Korea’s largest special gas company for semiconductor and display processes. It has refined and produced high-purity ammonia for about 20 years and has various safety management know-hows related to ammonia.

Kim Maeng-yun, CEO of Hanwha Global Division, said, “We plan to procure clean ammonia produced overseas, disassemble it, and then promote the supply of clean hydrogen to Korea. We will lead the commercialization of green hydrogen through cooperation with Wonik. said.

(From left) Hanwha Global CEO Kim Maeng-yun, Hanwha Impact Vice President Son Young-chang, Wonik Materials CEO Han Woo-seong, and Wonik Holdings CEO Kim Chae-bin are taking a commemorative photo at the business agreement ceremony held at the Hanwha Building in Janggyo-dong on the 8th.[사진=㈜한화 제공]

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