happiness through the screen A Japanese man holds a sign thanking his boss for giving him two weeks’ permission to fly to the World Cup.

steal the scene of the world cup happy young Japanese Raise a sign to thank the boss. After giving two weeks holiday away, fly to watch the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It is considered a world-class sporting event that people all over the world are looking forward to for the World Cup 2022 World Cup, held in Qatar.

Recently, a photo of a Japanese man went viral online. after tweeting @FIFAWorldCup posted a picture of him After the match, Japan defeated Germany 2-1 on Wednesday (November 23).

It shows a picture of a Japanese man holding up a paper sign with an English message written on it. “Dear lord Thank you for giving me two weeks holiday.” With a smile on his face. He was obviously very happy.

The photo made many people want to know who this Japanese man’s boss was. Because watching the World Cup in person is the ultimate dream of many football fans.

And this dream is difficult. Especially for Japanese employers. Why should you worry that your long holiday will affect your colleagues?

Recently, after 2 days, netizens finally know where this Japanese man works. after @NTTeastofficial tweeted from NTT East, the Japanese telecom operator quoted the tweet with the message that “Have a nice holiday and the World Cup! from your master.”

The tweet received many comments, including 19.6 thousand retweets and 58.4 thousand hearts.

As well as praising the conscientious boss Many people still see it as a good opportunity to promote the company for free. Worth more than paying tens of millions for advertising.

According to Japanese IT Media, NTT East revealed that the fan was an employee in the Kanagawa prefecture area. He was given 14 days off, paid in accordance with company rules.

NTT East said that too Permission was obtained from the employee before retweeting the post. and sees that approving a holiday for this employee to watch the World Cup has a positive effect on employee performance


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